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January 13, 2015

A fan’s guide to asking out his favorite adult star…

I am sure it has crossed your mind at some point, asking your favorite star out.  Here are some tips to help you gain some confidence and approach in a way that doesn’t come off as creepy or disrespectful.  
First and foremost, get to know her by being observant.  Pay attention to social media and take notes to things she says she likes.  You can learn SO much from watching someone’s timeline and reading their posts.  Anyone who shares this information with the public, does so that they don’t have to continuously repeat  the same information.
Secondly, those same timelines can be great for learning what her pet peeves are.  PAY EVEN CLOSER ATTENTION TO THESE.  Nothing is MORE annoying than being vocal about the things that irritate us and the people who claim to have interest in us don’t acknowledge the things we clearly dislike.
Third, be yourself and be honest.  We don’t need nor want anything out of the normal.  What we DON’T want is someone to fill us up with lies, fluffy bullshit or fake support.  We deal with all of this on a daily with general business so the last thing we need is to have to face it during our personal endeavors.  
Fourth, accept us AS IS.  No one wants to be judged and that holds true for us as well.  From our families to the general public, we face a lot of harsh attacks and verbal battles defending our line of work.  The last person who should judge us is someone who has interest in pursuing our personal attention.
NEVER ask us to change or quit what we are doing.  If this line of business doesn’t suite you, then simply remain in your place as a distant fan and admire from afar.  Don’t attempt to be “Captain Save a Hoe” and think that you are saving us from a life of misery and turmoil.  Not all of us dislike what we do.  
Lastly, GO FOR IT and GOOD LUCK!

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