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November 8, 2010

Advice for models – advertisitng, branding, payments, etc

Are you new to the business?  Trying to figure out how to brand yourself?  Advertise your cam shows?  Promote yourself?  This is what you need to be reading RIGHT now.  A lot of girls don’t want to help you because you are the competition, but FattyInc or #TeamFatty is here to help assist you and give you important information to guide you whether a newbie to the game or a veteran.  

This is advice based on my experience within the last 6 years.


First and foremost, do your homework.  Starting with your main branding source YOUR NAME.  A mistake often made with those entering into the adult world and business is picking a name commonly used.  If your name is too close to someone else’s you will get lost in the confusion.  Choose something unique.  You want a name that stands out.  I often see girls using BBW, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  BBW is great because it COULD show up in search engines.  HOWEVER, you may tend to limit yourself in that particular niche.  Meaning, ONLY BBW admirers or those searching for BBW will find you or find interest in you.  You want something SIMPLE, easy to spell and something that will easily be remembered.  Lastly, once you have researched the most popular web model names, etc pick one and BRAND it.  Buy your domain IMMEDIATELY even if you don’t have a site.  Buy your .com, .net, etc.  Have a logo made, a trademark for your material (photos, videos, etc) so that your fans will recognize your work easily and quickly.  You will also need to ensure you watermark your images and videos.  Not only is it good promotion for the site, but also marks your copyright.  


Ofcourse the social network sites are key to networking with industry workers but also connecting with potential fans.  Twitter is myfavorite, but I also use facebook, myspace, youtube, adultspace, xpeeps, rude, & a few others.  A good thing about having a unique name is having your name available on those sites.  If you pick something rare enough, it’s likely to be available on all sites and you can synchronize them to be the same.  (i.e. twitter.com/platinumpuzzy – youtube.com/platinumpuzzy – facebook.com/platinumpuzzy – myspace.com/platinumpuzzy)

SOCIAL NETWORK SPECIAL TIP:  What you post online is seen by many, potential fans, possible co-workers, etc.  NEGATIVE postings send the wrong impression.  If you are constantly talking trash about someone in the business or out even, you are sending the wrong message to a potential employer, fan or someone you could possibly work with.  Don’t let your online image destroy your hard work.  

Look for forums to post in and advertise.  If you fall into a niche like I do with BBW then search for forums that cater to your niche OR by fetish or content type.  Suggested forums for BBW’s:   FAT FORUMS, BBW CLUBS, CHUBBY PARADE, CURVY.ORG, DIMENSIONSMAGAZINE, LOVETHESECURVES — I am sure there are more that I have forgotten but those are the few I can think of off the top of my head.  (If you have some you would like to add please feel free to email me Kari@fattyinc.net) If you have the extra cash to get banners, it is a GREAT way to get extra exposure and generate traffic for your site.  The purpose of your advertising is to generate more traffic right?  A lot of forums offer space and it’s not too expensive.  

Post your website and/or cam show ad’s HERE <<it’s generally like $3 per ad, but the site gets A LOT of traffic and will generate traffic for your site and get you some new customers for cams/phone.  You can also promote private shows using yahoo messenger, skype, msn and/or aim.  Paypal is real funny about adult related items, but it’s up to you if you want to risk having your money confiscated (yes paypal WILL keep your money) and your account will be closed if in fact they find ANY affiliation with your account and adult services.  If you have someone who insists on using paypal, no problem – to avoid any friction, have your customer purchase a MONEY PAK RELOAD.  They get the amount placed on an activation code and give you the number.  You enter the number onto paypal and your money is now added to your account.  Your customer has to take CASH, it’s anonymous and I don’t think it can be done online, therefore your customer will need to go INTO an actual retail location.

Some other payment options?  I TOTALLY suggest getting a prepaid credit card with Ace Check Cashing.  It’s called a NETSPEND card, but the GREAT thing about it is your customer can pay via MONEYGRAM without you having to give your personal information.  You give them a receive code, city/state and your netspend account number and your money is available within minutes of the transaction completion.  I am unaware if that can be done online, I do believe it has to be done with cash at a retail location (most Wal-Mart stores have money gram services).  Nonetheless, I would NEVER suggest giving your personal information.  

And that my friends, is all I have for you today.  Good luck!  Please, if you use any of the listed methods and find success, or failure please let me know!!  EMAIL ME AT KARI@FATTYINC.NET – thanks.

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