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September 8, 2011

Anticipation…of meeting a fan.

He came out of no where, having been on my OLD facebook profile for a while.  I had seen him post here and there but never paid him a lot of attention as I had 5000 friends and simply can’t keep up with all of them.  I was working one day, and simply decided to open chat.  Of course, a ton of pop ups came up with demands to “talk sex” or “get to know me” which really means get free sexy pics and free phone sex lol.  I started X’ing out the lames, deleting the ones that were rude about it and finally came to his box.  I expected him to be just like the others, but Unbeknownst to me he was quite different.  We chatted for a while and before you knew it I was giving him my digits anticipating his call.  Turns out, he’s a real good guy and not as much obsessed with what I do as I had feared.

Of course, I had to keep things in perspective because he IS a fan… but after a couple of weeks of getting to know him I have taken him up on his offer to meet.  He is covering all expenses, and promises to behave himself… so I am eager to find out what kind of beast he is in bed.  I can’t lie… I have the urge to rip his clothes off at the airport and do him in front of waiting passengers.  I know that’s impossible without serving serious federal pin time considering crimes at an airport are 10X worse than any regular public joint.  

It’s 11 days away and honestly I find myself nervous.  Should I feel this way?  Is it OK to like a fan?  How will this turn out for him and I?  Does he expect MORE from me than just a meeting with some bedroom fun?  All these questions plague my brain and keep me from being able to process any other relevant thoughts.  I fantasize about this beautiful man who is fit, dark skinned and bald JUST how I like them.  According to the pictures, he is well endowed as well.  

He won’t have phone sex with me nor has he even allowed us to Skype.  SUCKS balls, because I am TOTALLY horny for him!!!  I play with myself MULTIPLE times a day thinking about how he will ravish every inch of me.  I think of myself quivering with every touch… and I am a BIG kisser.  I love soft sensual kisses.  

The question I have is what side of Kari will he release?  The sensual, love making romantic or the sexually deprived, horny and ready to get fucked beast that has been pressed inside lately.  That remains to be seen.  I wonder if he will let me film…  11 days.  To be continued.  

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