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February 26, 2012

Are PSO’s being phased out?

This question has been asked many times, as technology improves and new innovative toys and stimulating erotica are introduced to the consumer market. One thing remains the same, a customers desire to connect, interact and be ultimately verbally stimulated.

With the invention of webcams, the ability to see who is on the other end of the phone line was opened up and phone sex operation took on the mass hysteria of “webcam sex.” Unfortunately, the webcam initially had no microphone so a viewer could see his object of desire, however, couldn’t hear her unless she was on the telephone. It wouldn’t be long before someone realized, integrate the microphone.

From there, chat programs that offered webcam services realized that the microphone integration coupled with webcam video services allowed for video chatting and of course took off in the webcam sex industry. This has NOT phased out the phone sex operator, simply required that you actually reveal who you are.
In the past, a PSO simply logged into the phone service and could take calls no matter how they looked, because their caller couldn’t see them. Now, with webcam services, the general consumer wants to see his operator. In most cases, they expect a dolled up glamour girl. anyone who has done either pso or webcam services or both know that getting ready and glammed up is very much a process and can be quite an inconvenience.
So this leads to my point, “Are PSO’s being phased out?” The answer is no, they are evolving. A PSO’s primary objective is help her caller reach his ultimate goal; the orgasm. The same rings true for the webcam service provider. Therefore, no risk lies with the PSO population, just the pressure to evolve with the times and get pretty for your clients!

On another note, one of the questions I have been presented with is “Do I prefer one site over another for phone sex operation/webcam services” and the answer is “No.” At the moment I am working on a few different sites, each have their own unique features but none at the time really strike me as “the best” aside from Niteflirt. Niteflirt gets higher rankings on my scale as it has better traffic and a pretty good marketing team which brings in frequent callers. What i don’t like about Niteflirt, you can’t post XxX photos, they are strict with listings and designs, they don’t let you sell items such as clothing or anything that must be sent to someone’e personal home and ultimately over saturated with so many girls that the listings are one in a million, a common problem with ALL of the sites offering similar services.

I am trying out another site, which is still in the development phases. So far the traffic sucks, and some of the upload functions aren’t very easy to navigate which make updating a mission. I have yet to reach minimum pay out which is $25. ONE thing I did like about it in comparison to Niteflirt is that the process to connect and add credit card information is easy and the % you keep is 70%. Again, the % is great but if you get no calls, it really doesn’t matter because that’s money that sits in their bank and not yours.
As to actual webcam services, I prefer Streamate personally, but also use Imlive a lot. I am trying out Ifriends, and looks like the traffic is decent and so far I’ve done pretty good. We will see how things pan out on the forefront of those sites as each has a different marketing plan which reaches different demographics, so learning what times to be on what networks is key.
BBW CAM SITES? Ugh, this is a topic that has totally been quite the frustration. With the collapse of AllBBWCams, and now being revived by the buy back of it’s original owner, which I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with – it seems to be on the up and up and gaining traffic for the models. The problem is the nearly one year with bounced payments not clearing, and LARGE amounts of affiliate fund money not disbursed to affiliate members including myself – it’s hard to build a good reputation when everything went down hill and FAST. This is one we will need to sit sideline and see how things pan out. I think his business plan is genuine, and he has paid most girls if not all for MAJORITY of the unpaid money fouls in the past but then again everything remains to be seen.
JustBBWCams? The traffic doesn’t convert to paying traffic for ME personally. You are monitored frequently, and told how to conduct your FREE cam chat. For me THAT is a problem. If YOU wish to tell your FREE cam chatters to PAY before you take off clothes, which IS following the rules… yet you are scorned for “being rude” seems like too much is spent monitoring the network instead of driving PAYING customers. Suggestion: Limit the amount of time viewers can sit in FREE chat. This rings true to any network. Nothing is more annoying than having someone sit in FREE chat masturbating to you and demanding you show this and that when he has NO intention of paying for anything. So far his payment record is on point, and seems like he is making improvements to make it more competitive with other chat sites.
Essentially, bottom line – your voice is still needed and PSO’s are not going anywhere. For assistance on how YOU can improve your webcam personality and profitability and/or marketing assistance – contact us questions@adultbizclass.com
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