February 18, 2018

Ask Platinum

This page is dedicated to asking me any question you want!  I will do my best to answer your questions honestly, and as detailed as possible.

Answers are to be revealed on Platinum Puzzy Radio Saturdays between 8pm – 10pm EST.

*I reserve the right to refuse to answer your question if it is offensive, disrespectful, or a subject matter that I choose not to share.  
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The questions so far....

  • Someone asked:
    This is Lethal Lipps I love this set up it’s great ty so much I just got so emotional and began to cry I swear no one has ever reached out to me and genuinely attempted to help me .. ty soo much
  • Someone asked:
    do you do atm (ass to mouth)?
  • Someone asked:
    Do you only like black guys?