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May 19, 2010

Back in Florida

Me & Sienna Hills Miami, FL May 2010

Me & Samantha38G

New photo taken May 19, 2010 by DestinyBBW

New photo set taken May 19. 2010 by DestinyBBW

Outing to John’s Pass St Pete, FL May 18, 2010 – DestinyBBW

Finally back from California, and although I loved it – had a great time and enjoyed time with friends and family… I am glad to be home! As soon as we returned we headed down to Tampa to go to Miami with DestinyBBW & BBWDesire.
where we enjoyed a nice weekend of eating good, shopping and some Reggaeton fun at Florida’s hottest night club! The latin guys loved us! The drinks were HELLA crazy expensive but that didn’t stop us from having a real good time. We then headed to Tampa for some fun in the sun, and more relaxation. I finally met up with the Lovely ladies Samantha38G and Sienna Hills whom I adored dearly! I love you ladies! From there we hit Orlando, chilled a couple of days where we lounged in the pool and soaked up some sun. Home bound, back in Jacksonville where some major personal issues had to be addressed. Our tour has been temporarily suspended but will get back under way REAL SOON! My house was broken into, the glass doors were smashed. It was a feeling of nausea that made me want to vomit, but luckily no one was home when it happened. Desiree Devine and I moved into my place, and have been trying to deal with the multiple issues going on in the MONEY PIT. Between toilets leaking, roof damage, appliances going out and the AC being totally fried, we’ve managed to stay positive but it’s been difficult to say the least. We will be hustling our asses off to get these things fixed so we can live in SOME sort of peace! LOL Can’t get back to shooting until the house gets fixed so… anyone wanna help? LOL

We’ve got some great packages for those who wanna donate to the “FATOPIA FUND” dvd’s, site memberships, videos, signed photos, cam shows, panties – you name it we got it! Hit us up… we love to play for you.

When I have more date and location details, I will post them HERE PUZZYTOUR.com

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