May 17, 2018

Tips To Being a Successful Independent Adult Entertainer & Webcam Model

Tips To Being a Successful Independent Adult Entertainer

  1. Don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket.

For someone who is typically loyal to a particular company or cam site, this is going to be difficult.  When you familiarize yourself with features and the way a site works, you become knowledgeable of the clientele, and can pretty much know what to expect at any given time; you tend to stick with it.  In this business, you simply can’t.  Diversity is what will help you generate revenue from various platforms, websites, and ultimately add up to increase your bottom line.

  1.   Know when to say NO.

When you are a YES person, saying NO can be a challenge.  In this business, you have to know when to say no.  The consequences can be not only time wasting but more seriously, traumatizing.  Whether a content producer or a webcam model, stay firm with your limitations and demand that they are met with respect.  It is easy to be taken advantage of and not setting boundaries for your business and personal space can lead to unfortunate events.  


  1.   Set goals and strive to reach them.

Easier said than done but totally doable.  Know your goals and learn what it will take to reach them.  It’s easy to say “I want to make a million dollars a year.”  You probably don’t think you can do it, but you NEVER know.  Find out what it will take to make you successful and start off with short term goals to easily reach until you get closer to your long term goal(s).  Prioritize them to keep yourself on track and follow through.


  1.  The better your work ethic, the better the results.

Everyday is a work day.  Whether a simple post on social media, or a full 12 hour day of camming, blogging, editing, posting, promoting, socializing, etc.  You do need to take time off from time to time, which won’t severely affect your work if you put in the time when you ARE working everyday.  


  1.  Time management is important.

Staying on task can be hard when you get random phone sex calls, emails for custom video orders, your personal life interrupts or you just have moments where you bounce all over the place.  Set yourself a schedule and stick to it by assigning a certain amount of hours to your daily tasks.  For me, I force myself to cam 2 hours a day at minimum.  Then I give myself 2 hours for editing.  1 hour for blogging.  2 hours for updates.  1 hour for promotions.  You get the idea.  You pick what works best for you.


  1.  You can do it by yourself.

When you get in the business, you will get bombarded with job offers and requests to shoot with other talent & models.  You don’t HAVE to in order to be successful.  Matter of fact, some of the most successful independent models & producers are those who shoot generally for and with just themselves.   If you choose to, that is entirely at your discretion but know that it’s not necessary.  


  1.  Research and educate yourself.

Learn your craft and your business.  Educating yourself will help you get a good start coming in the door or if you are already a seasoned star, the knowledge will help you avoid some serious and costly mistakes but also help you structure your business for success.  Through research and online resources, you can virtually learn anything.  Take that knowledge and develop your business to self manage as best you can, generate and direct traffic to you and your site(s), and ultimately increase your revenue stream.  The best defense is a good offense, and the offense is powered with learning and knowing his opponent.  Take what you learn and run with it.


Also, research websites before you give them your personal information.  Do the same with performers.  Find out everything you can before you jump to providing them your driver’s license, social security number, address and banking info.  Look for bad reviews, social media presence, and positive feedback as well for your own security and peace of mind.  


  1.   Manage your money properly.

Once you have determined how to properly spend your money and minimize your overhead while increasing your revenue, you will need to have good money management skills.  How much money you make is pointless if you spend it frivolously.  Budget your business needs, take care of your personal expenses and start saving the rest.  This business is UNPREDICTABLE and can have some really high moments but also some dead periods where your revenue will drop tremendously.  Being prepared financially for these moments will save you from not having the money you need to run your business during these times as well as not being stressed about personal finances.  


  1.  Seek legal advice.

Know the laws of your state as to all aspects of your business.  In some states, webcamming requires a permit.  In most states, it is ILLEGAL to shoot porn.  Going to jail, or a court case could be a costly major inconvenience for your business and avoided by seeking legal advice.  The same bares true for release forms and other important business you should be making sure you take care of to keep yourself legitimate and legally protected within the laws of your state.  


  1.  Register yourself as a business.

File as S-Corp, register your business name (something that doesn’t appear to be adult i.e. Fluffy Tuffy Media) and get a tax id number.  GIVE EVERY COMPANY YOU WORK FOR THIS NUMBER NOT YOUR SOCIAL.  Get a business bank account and have all your deposits go into your business account.  File your taxes as a business.  This is important as you start to increase your income.  You will thank me later.


  1.  Quality vs Quantity.  

The eager beaver will be all set to push out 100 clips when they get started.  Although the thought is commendable, at the end of the day you want to focus on quality.  Take the time and investment to create high quality content more so than the quantity.  1 solid video will out sell 10 mediocre clips any day.  Remember, this is YOUR BRAND.  Your quality or lack there of will be the representation of your business.  


  1.  Secure your name anywhere possible.

You never know where you might drive traffic from.  Creating profiles and securing your name helps you generate traffic and branding in some unlikely places.  Not only do you want the traffic, but you don’t want someone else representing your name.  


  1.  Think outside the box.

Being creative is what is going to not only set you aside from the other business owners, it will help you bring in revenue from some unlikely sources.  This is your time to show what you have!  Use your experience from prior jobs or school.  Put that brain to work and create some innovative tactics that will set you apart from others in your business.


  1.  Remember YOU sell the fantasy.

It’s real easy to forget where the line is between reality and fantasy in this business.  YOU ARE THE BOSS.  You sell the fantasy.  You can be WHOEVER you want to be!  Disconnect to stay attached to reality and definitely give yourself some off time.  It can take over your life and interfere with personal relationships if you allow it to.  



If you are doing ANYTHING that involves contact with other individuals in any sexual manner whatsoever, GET TALENT TESTED.  (https://www.talenttestingservice.com/)  Register as a performer, and go get tested.  Industry standard is 14 days NOT 30.  This is definitely one of the most important steps of this guide and should be taken very seriously.  This is your life you are jeopardizing by NOT following protocol and safety adherence.   


  1.  Your mental health is a MUST.

Whether you are the ambitious business owner, performer, or webcam model; one of the things that is easily overlooked in our passion to succeed is our mental health.  If you are suffering from depression, a victim of being bullied, or in any way feeling the pressures of life and business; TAKE TIME OFF TO NURTURE POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH.  The balance of life and business can be a mystery and you will find yourself in what seems to be a maze of confusion trying to figure everything out and manage all the aspects of your life.  Recognize when a break is needed and allow yourself the time to regenerate.  


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