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April 28, 2017

Be your own webmaster!

You Are 100% In Charge. You’re The Boss.

One of the most difficult things to do in the adult business or any content sale business is find a good webmaster.  NOT that other people aren’t capable of running a successful website for you, but ultimately as creators we prefer to have full creative, design, monetary and update control of our websites.  Unfortunately, the cost of running your own website can be overwhelming and the process long and frustrating.
How much does it cost to start, manage and operate my own website independently?
On your own?  WOW…. here are just some of the costs you would need to consider:
*Domain purchase/Email Account $
*Hosting/Server – make sure they allow adult content and has enough bandwidth to sustain your content
*Website Design and Development – a new site needs to be easy to navigate and mobile compatible as well as offer functions that will allow your members to easily view videos, photo galleries and other features of your website.
*Content Management – this is what you need to store, and update your website’s content
*Content Delivery System – this is the program you use to deliver the content.  (i.e. video viewing source, etc)
*Billing – you will need to establish a payment method for your members.  Most Visa/Mastercard services run about $1000 a year.
and that just begins the fees you will be responsible solely for as an independent website owner/webmaster without setting up through our system.
We have determined that as a start up content provider or even as a website owner who wants to be independent it is quite overwhelming and costly.  How do you avoid these issues but still maintain 100% in control of your website?


First and foremost, it’s FREE!  Yes, FREE to sign up!  No up front fees, no hidden costs.
You are offered a choice of easy to use designs that give you the freedom to make your website look unique.
Integrated affiliate program allows you to allow others to sign up with your website program and promote your site.  They are paid directly through the program.  You are solely responsible for delivering marketing tools and sample content for better conversions.
Integrated email newsletter system allows site viewers to sign up for your email newsletter.  Although there is no actual email newsletter system in place, it is still a great way to have information on the people who have interest in your site and open up communication.
You are paid 75% of your sales.  The billing is paid for, handled and maintained without you needing to do anything but tell us how you want to be paid.  You will get payments weekly on Tuesdays (except major holidays, when payments are made on the following working day after Tuesday), starting from the 3rd week after your registration, provided your income met the minimum payout requirements for a selected payout method.  A three week hold is required by payment processors in order to have a reserve for covering any chargebacks and justified refunds from your members that might occur.
A support forum is available for you to communicate with other site owners, models and the operating staff for education, tips, suggestions and inquiries regarding your website.
There are a ton more benefits you will find quite enticing and worth while but don’t take my word for it!  Go to BBWXXXSITES.COM and sign up!  Start your independent website now!
Want to eliminate the weekly pay option and minimal payment?  
Daily payouts are available through our studio!  Read more about how you can have your own website and get paid DAILY for your sales you generate!  [DAILY PAY STUDIO OPTION]

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