Your search for the ultimate plus size performer and BBW star is over... introducing platinum Puzzy.

The name catches your eye, regardless if you get to my photos and find me revolting or sexy... the intent of the name is always to generate curiosity. It was given to me years ago, by an ex. Platinum is more than just a value, but more a state of being a total package. A unique person who consists of more than just the ability to perform well behind closed doors, but be an intelligent lady in the streets and an overall classy, savvy business woman.  when you see the name you don't know what to expect, and finding a bbw is certainly not what most are prepared for.  platinum puzzy embraces her curves with a sassy but classy confidence that commands attention with no effort. 

How did i get the name platinum puzzy?

In 2005, my ex had made mention of my "talents" and how he thought i would do well in the bbw adult modeling arena.  at the time i thought it was rather a bold move, however the curiosity struck an interest and before too long i would be accepted onto candis wild girlz as a model amongst other bbw models.  i had no experience, no idea of what would be expected of me however dove in head first with a winning attitude and eagerness to succeed.  along with the bbw modeling, i did webcam performances and eventually began video work.  I enjoyed the bbw modeling, but the videos were what captured my sexuality and unleashed a part of me unknown to any. 

a monster was born, and a horny bbw that would take on several unknown areas of my own personal sexuality from having more than one man at a time to double penetration and more.  since then, i have done a lot of fetish work and learned graphic design and website development which you can see my work  >> here <<.  i am no pro, but definitely intend to become a self sufficient individual that will need only that of another for performances. 

To know me is to love me.  I wear my heart on my sleeve, and have a huge heart to go along with other body parts of mass size.  after 6 yrs in the industry, and several encounters with frauds, fakes and drama queens, I still manage to keep pushing and striving for a break.  In March of 2010, i shot for Sensational Video or better known as Plumper Pass.  I'd made a remark earlier in my career that mainstream porn wasn't for me due to the lack of professionalism and fair practices within the industry.  i took a chance and found this bbw porn company to be quite the opposite of my prior beliefs.  Although i have chosen to remain a bbw amateur performer for my own reasons, i am open for possibilities from any company or producer who may find interest in shooting with me. to find out who else i've shot with please visit my resume.

I've recently taken on several new projects.  i am now working directly with naughty tweet on the bbwgirltweet site.     i am very busy working on various projects however you can stay in touch with me right here on and make sure you read my blog.  to catch me in your city on my tour please check out my TOUR calendar

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lastly but certainly not least, please check out my radio show which i have been doing off and on for 5 years.  tuesdays 9pm est/6pm pst. 

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thank you for taking the time to read up on yours truly... the one the only - the most valuable puzzy on the net.


platinum puzzy


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