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June 27, 2013

Blogger notifies it’s users that ADULT content will no longer be allowed on their blogs!

 This IS a blogger site, so you can imagine I am OUTRAGED by this news!  I was going to go quietly until I found out just how much work is necessary to integrate my content (over 400 posts since 2007) to another platform.  

I understand not everyone wants to be affiliated with adult content, and being that GOOGLE owns Blogger, it was only a matter of time but 3 days notice to have your content removed or lose it?  That seems HARDLY fair to LOYAL blog owners who have as much content to move as I do and some who have far more than I.

My traffic is WELL established, although now I wished I had kept everything going to my PlatinumPuzzyBlog.com URL instead of just getting rid of it and linking direct to blogger. 

I added a hit counter last year and since then have had 129,795 hits just since adding this feature to my page. Page views just YESTERDAY are 323!

So the question is, where do homeless adult BLOGGERS go?

 I have been told that Tumblr has a export/import capability but from the looks of it, it’s not the easiest transition and could be frustrating. Nonetheless, the alternative is to lose everything you have and that for me is NOT an option. 

I will hate losing my stats, and traffic on blogger… that’s for sure but since I am being evicted it’s time to start preparing for a new home for my heavily offensive adult natured posts, content and links. I wish we could’ve worked things out Blogger!


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