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August 9, 2012

Bye Bye Miami, Hello Orlando!

We arrive in Miami late night where I was greeted by a local Jamaican friend and we all indulged in some after hour hot tub action.  Got ya thinking dirty thoughts huh?  You have to check my clips store for new footage.

Next day, we went and met with the big guy… who remains nameless at the moment to discuss some very important business.  He met us at a restaurant on South Beach called “Big Pink” which was a place we’d never heard of or been to.  It’s relatively easy to find, parking wasn’t bad for a Monday night and the atmosphere seemed pretty casual.  Unfortunately, our waitress was a stone cold idiot and certified bitch.  But… that’s neither here nor there.  The food was great, proportions were generous and the selection was very much to my liking.  We stayed til they closed…. talking business and just going over a lot of industry stuff.

Tuesday, Gigi Starr XxX came along and graced us with her presence.  Her and I had lunch together and caught up. it had been since Exxxotica Miami in May when we last saw each other.  Went back to the hotel where we indulged in some swimming with Desiree Devine.  That didn’t last long since every bad ass kid and their “careless” parents were splashing all over the place, making it difficult for us to just chill without being splashed like crazy.  We went to the room and hung out until she had to go.  

Wednesday, we had late check out… packed up and hit the Moonlite Diner.  Now this place gets 5 stars across the board.  Between the cute little 50’s decor, the very attentive waitress, her knowledge of the menu and the food being YUMMYLICIOUS – our belly’s were ever so grateful for this great find.  Desiree ordered sweet potato fries that were good, but the waitress brought us this marshmellow dip that OMG was to DIE for!!  If you ever get to the area, you gotta try this!

We drove the next 3 1/2 hours on the turnpike where we spent over $20 in tolls.  It was worth it though… Desiree finally got to see a gator on the bank of the highway.  Yeah, she nearly killed us when she took a second look and SHE WAS DRIVING!  Lucky for us, it wasn’t that serious so we managed to keep going forward and finally arrived at our hotel just before the huge storm hit.

We check into the hotel and get to our hotel room, a really nice suite with a separate bedroom space and kitchenette – but as we open the door we walk in to ALL the drawers and cabinets being open.  It LOOKED super weird so we called management and had them come see what was going on.  It appeared to be a ghost like situation, but turns out it was just whomever cleaned the room left it open for supervisor inspection and they never closed them.  FUn times!

 Next stop:  Walmart – Oh goody! 

I love hitting the WalMarts in every city because they give you a pretty good idea of what the locals are like. Notice the first thing we encounter is a dirty diaper sitting on the bottom of a buggy.  Ewww gross!
We were there for 2 hours between beauty supply shopping and snack shopping but the majority of our trip was consumed with bathing suit shopping.  This store had the most plus size bathing suit selection for end of summer clearance so we spent a good amount of time searching and trying to get what we could in our sizes.  We made out like bandits and here is a pic of me trying on my new swimsuit (1 of them anyways) – the others you will have to go to FattyFetishes.com and find my new underwater footage where I sport my new suits.

It’s Thursday, Lovely Sillk is coming over to film some underwater clips with us and go swimming in our new suits.  Make sure you check her out on Plumper Pass!  Can’t wait for her to get here… and shoot these hot scenes!  New footage and blog coming soon!

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