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March 23, 2014

Cal-Exotics Apollo™ Wireless 7-Function Strokers

I’ve been waiting for nearly 2 mths to receive this toy.  When it finally arrived, I was a bit confused.  Most of my toys are for me, but this one…. looked suspect.  Come to find out, it’s NOT for me!!  It’s for a male partner.  SO….. I had to call him over to help me assess this product.

Given the recent move and my inability to commit to those who would like me to, having a solid partner to come and insert his penis into various objects for review isn’t as easy as it should be.  BUT… given my sexy persuasion and negotiation skills I was able to manage a visit from someone who would offer a non-biased opinion and even a bit of entertainment as well.

I didn’t say anything.  I just gave him the box and let him open it himself, providing NO details as to HOW it works or any instruction whatsoever.  I think it’s best to figure out just how difficult it is for a man to figure it out on his own.  Part of the review should be “ease of access” if you will and how the product is able to clearly instruct it’s appropriate use.

His initial reaction was common, looking at the bullet at the end of the toy for a few minutes wondering how that was going to feel.  I simply sat back and watched and was thoroughly entertained by his reactions to learning more about it as he explored.  I eventually had to encourage him to actually TRY it for the REAL reactions and review material.   Men are like kids, you give them a box they play for hours, give them the toy it’s 5 minutes of attention span.

We started without the vibe, and he found it a little odd placing himself inside the “stroker” but quickly figured out a way to make it beneficial for himself and feel good.  I whispered in his ear and even nibbled on it a bit to help him focus on relaxing and not paying attention to anything else but the way it felt.

Soon, I almost felt like I wasn’t there… he started the vibe and really getting into strokin’!  Watching him turned me on that I grabbed the OTHER toy I got for review which I’d already put batteries on while waiting for him to finish playing with the box.  (FULL REVIEW TO COME SOON)

It was so exciting to both be playing with ourselves but watching the other with our toys.  This was the FIRST time I’ve done it with both of us having toys.  Can you say… HOT?  I hadn’t had any in so long that I came rather fast and the LOUD which in turn gave him that final push and caused him to busted all over the place!

His review consists of  ” It felt good.. not quite a pocket pussy but you get a better grip with the textured lining and the vibration having different settings was pretty cool.

His assessment:

   **** 4 Stars
            Great quality
            Masculine packaging

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