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April 24, 2013

Cal Exotics Body & Soul “Seduction”

I am really enjoying the Body & Soul collection from Cal Exotics.  It’s hard to compare ANY toy to the vibrator I’ve been using for years, but learning to open up to new products and experiences.
This one wasn’t my favorite, but certainly gave me stimulation in it’s own way.  The vibration patterns and pulse of the toy were very pleasurable.  I LOVE the quality of these products, sturdy and secure.  Nothing is worse than having a toy fall apart while you are in the middle of getting off. 
The vibration is important to me and I enjoyed this one.  I love the button placement and the firmness of the change of speed.  I hate having a toy jump all over the place when you are RIGHT there!

The shape isn’t really flexible for me and my vaginal placement.  But I will continue to learn some ways to make this fill it’s purpose.  It does have a short length and with my belly and reach it was rather a bit difficult to push the toy in and out.  Maybe I am doing this wrong?

Overall here are my ratings:  

Packaging   4 out of 5
Vibration    4 out of 5
Quality       5 out of 5
Visual        4 out of 5
Cost          5 out of 5

Would I recommend this toy to readers?  Yes.

Will I use this toy personally?  frequently

Average cost of toy:  $23.99 (MSRP)

Toy features: 
  • Case Count: 12
  • Bulk Weight: 2.9(oz) / 0.08(kg)
  • Seamless, silky smooth massagers
  • Pleasing shapes for versatile use
  • Designer iridescent Satin Finish™
  • 8 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation
  • Easy push button controller
  • Hold button for 3 seconds to turn off
  • ABS with Metallic Plating/ PU Cote (massager) ABS with Silver Plating (décor) Silicone (button)
  • 6” x 1.25”/15.25 cm x 3.25 cm
  • Requires 2 AAA Batteries

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