February 13, 2018

Cam Sites broken down

If you have been in the cam world as long as I have, you have seen the battle of the “BEST CAM SITE” and found that it frequently changes.  With the increase and decline of traffic to each of them, the choice of which site to cam on can be difficult.  I will break down my opinion of the best and worst features of each site and share which one I feel is the top converting website currently.


Ultimately it has remained strong with conversions for me, as long as all of your technology functions properly.  I find most of the members of the site are there knowing that in order to see anything above simple flashing in free chat, they have to pay.  I absolutely LOVE this feature, as giving away a free show to 99 viewers when only 1 or 2 are tipping on token sites pisses me off.  Not to mention your shows being recorded without your knowledge and/or consent, is a lot easier to pinpoint who could be responsible on Streamate.

  No nudity in free chat is a great way to force the customer to have to take you private to see anything.

  Diversity.  I do like that there are a wide variety of categories to choose from for the consumer.

 Members Site Features. They also have a membership embed code for models who want to give their members access to their gold shows from their members area.  It also has the option to record the show to the archives, which are also available.

 Exclusive shows make a great way to have one on one time with a special fan who can make the room private.  This is important especially when you have a diverse customer base with some being sexually implied and others more dominate and fetish inspired.  It’s tough to twerk, do JOI and masturbate all at the same time.  Therefore some customers are lost because they feel ignored.

 Straight forward pricing.  No tokens to remember or convert.  No negotiations.  Pay per minute pricing simplifies camming without being negotiated.

 Customer Service.  Liz is awesome.  If you need anything, she is efficient and rapid to not only address problems, but quickly fix them.

 Weekly pay option.

 35% income is extremely low in my opinion, an unfair share considering how hard you have to work for your cut.

 Tech issues are frequent and their software can be quirky, frustrating at best.

  Unable to promote your website(s), social media or ANY contact information.

 Need a feature to sell videos, photos, outfits from shows & other items.  There used to be a fan club but something easier to find on your profile that can increase your earnings during a show.

 The ability for a customer to tip and get a recording only streamable from their customer account of their paid private show.

  Affiliate program.  We make a percentage off every sale generated from our cammodels link.  However, we do not get a referral fee or credit for models we may send to Streamate.

 The messaging system requiring 3 days hold on all mail to be sent is thumbs down.


I stayed away from Chaturbate for a long time as their apps and bots intimidated me.  Yes, even the smarty pants like myself found myself unsure of how to work all of the options on their site.  BUT once I figured it out, I actually grew to really love it.

  50% earnings.

  Games, apps and bots make camming not only fun and interactive but also keep you organized.  Remember how many tokens for this and that can be stressful and their notification and tip menu apps simplify that for you.

  I have had a lot of luck finding customers that tip without being told to.  I hate having to remind fans why they are on the site and that although they might catch something for free, they will be much more pleased when they tip.

  The ability to promote your site(s), social media and anything as long as you aren’t encouraging customers to pay on other sites.

 The recommended feature at the top of the page is awesome.  Having seen myself there a few times was encouraging.  Nothing is worse than feeling like you will never reach the top page in a land of 1000’s of models.

 Couples, gay, trans-performers are all welcome.

 Easy, fast upload and approval process for adding a performer to your stream.

 Affiliate program is easy as using your link.  Various options from a main landing page, to referring other broadcasters simplify your campaign to address your particular goal.

 The ability to make a MINIMUM private show amount.  Meaning unless someone has the amount of tokens you deem is necessary for a certain show, they can’t request you and then say they will come back.  Mine is 600 tokens minimum for 10 minutes.  I know going into the show that I will get at least 600 tokens.

  Notification to your followers that you are live is THUMBS UP!

  Daily pay option.  (Not sure if this is still valid but I know it was pretty awesome when it was)

 I am not a fan of tokens.  I like straight forward dollar conversions.  Having to figure out how many tokens = a dollar is annoying.

 Anybody who tips 25 tokens or more can give you a thumbs down.  Other models tipping and then giving you a thumbs down is a real drag.


  50% earnings.

  The ability to promote your site(s), social media and anything as long as you aren’t encouraging customers to pay on other sites.

 Just add the MFC model’s name in the title of your show and that’s all you need to include another performer.  The easiest of the 3.

 Affiliate program is back on with CrakRevenue.

  SWAG life.  MFC has EVERYTHING you can possibly imagine for swag even though their clothes aren’t plus size friendly unfortunately.  Their model support at the conventions is #1 in the business for sure!

  MFC SHARE.  I know this had to be expensive but brilliant.  I use it to embed the videos I want to share on my blog and other sites which inevitably drives traffic to my MFC page.  Great job MFC.  Easy to use, great feature for us to promote our content on your site!

 Auto-tweet your GIF when you are live is a cool feature.  You just have to remember it’s going to take the image and not look crazy like I always do!

 Daily Pay Options.  I have yet to participate, but that’s because I am in a daily pay studio but would love to hear from anyone who can share their experience with MFC Daily Pay.

 FREE loaders.  I think the members take the word FREE to heart and getting them to tip is virtually impossible for me.  Obviously not for others as they only cam on MFC which is awesome.  I have faith that as I spend more time on the site, there will be massive improvements in the ability to convert the members to tippers.

  Gaming apps.  They are starting to implement a few new apps and games but definitely need more variety to help engage the members.

 The placement scoring is garbage.  I think a lot of the members refuse to tip because they have become so accustomed to offering 5 stars for models in exchange for free flashes and shows.  Because this was one of the ways you earned a better rating score, you were basically camming for free.  I have a low score because I didn’t even know what it meant or how to improve it.  I think they should implement ways to generate score increasing.

Such as:

  1.  Add 100 videos and get X points added.
  2.  Refer other models and get X points added.
  3. Refer PAYING customers and get X points added.
  4.  Promote your profile on Social media and get X points added.

I am sure there are features and issues I am forgetting.  The key to camming, consistency and I know that is something I lack big time.  I am a random cammer.  🙂  So good luck out there getting that MONEY!!!!


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