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March 12, 2018

Code of Conduct

A Goddess has to set boundaries and rules so that you know how to address your highness, and understand what is expected of you.

First and foremost, I do NOT like to be addressed as Mistress. Although it is typically a term of endearment in the Kink world, I do not wish to be addressed as such.
You WILL submit to my will. You are bound to me and have accepted my authority over you. Your purpose is to obey, serve, and please me and only me.
You are MY property. You accept that part of training is the actual physical control of your behavior. You have NO privacy from me.
When you feel unsafe or have reached your pain thresh hold it is your responsibility to speak up. I ALWAYS give you permission to speak up.
DISRESPECT of any kind, is not tolerated.
Communication is key in a functional relationship. It is also REQUIRED daily. Whether a tweet, text, email, comment, like or some sort of communication is required to show that you are properly serving your highness.
You will NOT worship, communicate, watch, admire, or have anything todo with any other dom’s. YOU belong to ME!
You must discuss any issue you have with me.
During training we will establish goals. When you are at YOUR best, you are a better servant and slave to your Goddess.

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