Custom Clips

February 12, 2018

Be the director of my next film!  You create the script, provide the details, and I will bring your fantasy to life!  I love putting my creative skills to use and envisioning your custom clip in a way that will bring you full enjoyment!

*Custom Clips are ordered from the form below.  Average delivery time is 1 week (7 days) although you have the option of paying more to have it filmed, edited and delivered in less time.

*I do NOT guarantee that other models will participate.  Please contact me FIRST before paying and submitting your order to verify if I am able to fulfill your request(s).

*If certain props are necessary for your video, you will need to include sufficient funds in addition to the cost of making the clip to cover purchasing your specific props.  That includes costumes, outfits, accessories, toys, and locations.

*I do NOT entertain a lot of taboos and may refuse your order if your request is not something I wish to indulge.  I will refund you immediately if that be the case.

*Clips are filmed in standard HD 1920x1080p MP4 format.  If you wish to have it shot in 4k, or compressed to a smaller size for mobile device viewing, please indicate that in your request.

*If the clip is too difficult to film myself on a tripod and requires that I hire a videographer to film, the cost of hiring him will need to be included in your payment.

I have over 50 costumes, tons of lingerie, stockings, high heels, props and other items.  If you wish to discuss your custom extensively, you may call me directly on Skype (4.99 min.) and we can talk about what it is you want as well as go through what I have.


Or you can select from these clips already filmed, and ready for purchase!