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January 16, 2018

Escort clients being filmed with spy equipment?

I was trolling twitter and found this tweet:

Having been an escort for a few years, I never even thought about this!  Definitely something to think about and be prepared for.  I know that I required all cell phones be placed inside a dresser drawer or where it was unable to record video.

I get the reason they want to do it, for the most part but my sarcastic ass wants to be like “Are you recording this for quality control?”

Good luck with that since I am the CEO, Boss Bitch and ONLY mothafucca to hire and fire my ass!! πŸ™‚

SO after digging a little deeper, I was shocked to find that ANYTHING can be used to record sound and video.  Hats, watches, glasses, cell phone chargers, BELT BUCKLES!  I guess as an escort your client is best stripped naked and down to totally nothing!  Make them put everything in a paper bag or something!! 

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