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June 7, 2011

Exxxotica Miami 2011

On a brighter note, it’s time to give up some details on the Exxxotica Miami show. As you should know (if you read prior posts about it) I had one week to prepare to EXHIBIT at the show. We wanted a booth, but were prepared to simply attend with no clue that Pete Housely of Naughty Tweet Network/PornstarTweet was working on an exclusive booth just for BBWGirlTweet. I got the news and immediately started putting everything together. It was tough, and not without it’s challenges but Black Pashion arrived around 7am Friday morning amp’d and ready to make this drive to Miami! She brought with her our what would soon to be called “Booth Daddy” who was a friend of mine and male co-star who was going to help capture the footage of the show for us.

The drive was long, and we ran into quite a few snags between the wrath of the suicidal bugs to traffic, but around 3pm we finally arrived to the South Seas Resort and got checked in. Immediately we began getting dressed for the show, but with 4 woman and 1 bathroom you can imagine it wasn’t as quick as we had hoped. The show started at 4pm, and we arrived a little late which had Pete a bit upset with me, but he got me good with changing the sign on the booth so I ran around the show for about 20min looking for the booth that wasn’t visible – haha funny Pete I owe you for that one! I kept my business attire on while I managed to get the booth set up and ready for the girls to start signing dvd’s, taking pictures with fans and speaking to the media about our presence and purpose their at the show. It didn’t take long for the crowds to develop and the mayhem began.

After staying up to 10pm on Friday, we closed our booth and exhausted went back to the hotel. Being in heels all day after a long drive was a bad combination, but we managed. 4 fat girls and a booth daddy were fast asleep in the hotel room almost immediately upon arrival back to the hotel and 9am came faster than anyone wanted. Gigi was the morning corporal offering “get up” tactics for all of us. We got ready for day #2 of the festivities and arrived at the show bright eyes and bushy tailed.

Day 2 started out slow, but soon took a turn for the better when Gigi was forced by Sienna Hills to go up on stage and enter the BEST EXXXOTICA TATTOO contest and well, she WON! Yes, her ass got even MORE exposure and won her a FREE photo shoot with Rebel Ink magazine. Later, I was able to get me and the girls on stage to pass out tshirts to the fans. We got to plug our sites, and get some exposure! Also we were hit up to film interviews like this:

Sunday came faster than Saturday and ofcourse by now we are totally burned out BUT the show must go on! Another stage appearance for the #teamhwh aka HeavyWeight Hotties when we passed out FREE dvd’s to some lucky fans! It was an amazing day, but soon the fizz was gone and the show was over. I can honestly say it was a great success, and I am exxxtremely grateful for all those that made it possible! BBWGIRLTWEET, Ifriends, Pete Housley.

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