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April 30, 2015

FAN QUESTION: Kim Kardashian, Khloe & Kylie Jenner

I have started answering fan questions and this was one of the first one’s that caught my attention.

“With the recent viral videos of the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” what is your opinion of the Kardashians and the message they send to our youth?”

This is such a good question and required me to really think about my response.  I will be open, honest and candid.

I think the Kylie Jenner Challenge is by far the stupidest thing to hit the Internet,  The fact that people would do things like this to their bodies to attempt to have bigger lips is ridiculous.  Honestly, that ties into my whole opinion about the Kardashians entirely.  The message that they send to our youth and to the general public is the importance of having money, surgery and the constant need for the “perfect” physical appearance is misleading.

We live in an instant gratification generation.  The “I” generation which seeks approval from the masses and through surgeries, physical augmentation, tattoos, piercings, material items and appearance extremities simply alter their natural beauty but don’t fix the underline issues within.  I don’t judge, by any means but I certainly feel that it becomes an obsession that ultimately destroys you and doesn’t bring you the satisfaction you are hoping to achieve.  For those who DO reach a successful gratification, by all means more power to you.  My concern is for those who will spend thousands of dollars to still have the issues mentally and emotionally they are hoping will be disappear.

This topic is much like weight loss.  It’s great when you are doing something proactive to change your weight but the weight loss as a whole doesn’t fix the inner emotional damage that can come from common weight issues.  You have to do more than just lose the weight and change your physical appearance with counseling or simply changing how you feel and think about yourself.  
The Kardashians are a very powerful source with their effect on the world.  I wished they would send the message to LOVE yourself no matter WHAT you look like and promote self acceptance.  But how you can you do that if you are challenging the world to put their lips in a bottle cap so they can look bigger?  

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