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September 29, 2012

Fantasy Fulfilled – a hot night of stranger sex in a public club

It’s been a while since I have shared my fantasies or the act of fulfilling them, and last night I managed to carry out a couple of them simultaneously.

It all started when I had this urge and burning desire to be seen making love to my boyfriend in public. We have a great sexual energy and bond that I think is erotic, sensual, and hot as hell! When he came to visit me in July, I wanted to go to a local sex club called Power Exchange. The thought of having people watch us make love and then turn into wild sexual beasts was a HUGE turn on. Normally, I am not into the swinging lifestyle or being seen – more I am the voyeur and love to watch! I guess when you find someone that just turns you on as much as he does, you want everyone to see! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to make it there. So the fantasy remained unfulfilled.

Another thing I hadn’t really done was randomly meet someone specifically to have sex. But the last few nights, Desiree Devine and I have been doing business with the Power Exchange and while there we decided to check it out as patrons and get a feel for what the club is like. It started off slow, and one night in particular we couldn’t have given it away but eventually things began to pick up.

We went last night after hitting up a local fem/dom meet n greet and I decided I was going with a fierce attitude and an eye for picky selection. NOT just any guy was going to get it… So I changed into my black leather dress that barely covered my ass and hit the club.

We started out in the pool room, shooting pool where Desi scratched early on. I enjoyed bending over and having everyone look at my ass with my “Where’s Waldo” panties on so we continued to play. Before too long it got boring, hearing the sounds of moaning and pounding across the hall, so we packed up and headed to do some lurking around.

Desi had a guy coming to meet her, so I was definitely on the prowl for some fresh meat. I realized that I was going to have to lower my standards and be a little less selective so I sat on one of the sofa’s and began to just relax. A bunch of guys were coming up to me, but most were arrogant or just pushy about “playing” and I like to have SOME illusion that there is just a little more than an expectation to fuck. Better yet, I want someone who is genuinely attracted to me and not just asking me because I happen to be one of the only single female pussy’s in the building. Eventually my wait would pay off.

While chilling on the couch watching girl on girl porn, one of the girls had a partial missing middle finger and fingered the hell out of the other chick with her “nub” which I found to be kind of hot by the way, an older gentleman came and asked if he could sit down. He was African amercian, about 6’5, slender and in his 50’s, not a bad looking guy and he had extremely soft hands. We talked briefly while he caressed my shoulder and arm with intentions of getting me to relax and hopefully agree to go play with him. Unfortunately, the little he did talk came off as arrogant and that is an instant turn off for me.

At this point, I thought that I was dead in the water once again. But I was wrong. A young guy came over and started talking to me. He looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place where I might know him from. He was extremely polite, fun to talk to and gave me a feeling of comfort and control – 2 things that MUST be present for a situation like this to be successful and fun. The conversation just flowed and before too long Desi’s friend had arrived and we all lounged around and shot the shit for a while. Then, someone joined the room that just made us all ready to leave so we went upstairs and toured the rest of the facility.

Interesting to say the least, and eventually we stumbled upon a room where the 4 of us would undress and begin our adventure. Desi and her guy didn’t take long at all and my guy was “Super Stripper” because as soon as I said take ALL your clothes off, he had them off in 30 seconds! NO LIE! We laughed about it because it was just so funny how he wasted no time getting undressed.

I was turned on watching Desi and her friend kissing and before you know it my guy was licking my pussy and shoved in his big 9 1/2 inch black cock inside of me! He started off gently, and when he felt me start to get real wet and eventually squirt he began pounding the hell out of me! We had a large group of voyeurs watching us get our pussy’s beat, a turn on for me! I never knew I would like being watched.

This guy was good, putting me in positions that really gave me a good feel of his nice big cock! We went on for about 20 minutes, with me letting out all kinds of moans and sounds of pure pleasure, even screaming a few times from his powerful thrusts! We ended up having to move to another bed because Desi and her guy were all over the place so we went to the bed next door where I left another puddle of joy from my rain fall.

We went for about another 30 minutes and finally he erupted! I came so many times I lost count… and the sheets on the bed prove it. We wrapped up our escapade and headed for some refreshment to cool off after a hot and sexy session of creamy pussy and stiff hard cock! The other guys were extremely jealous that they didn’t get first dibs, and didn’t even ask to play afterwards as they could see that I got it good and wasn’t the least bit interested in playing anymore. I felt relieved, and excited to have done something I had wanted to do for a long time. I had wished it was someone else… but we have to do what we have to do.

Since our evening, this guy has been texting and calling and is REALLY sweet guy. He has offered to help out with some things at our new place, as he was really concerned about our recent break in and having to start over. Thanks T 🙂 Appreciate everything!

So that concludes my “Fantasy Fulfilled”

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