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October 28, 2010

Freedom of Speech

So HotMovies.com gets raided. Alot of you are thinking, so what? But there is a definite underlined issue that alot of people don’t take seriously. It’s not uncommon for society to frown upon porn. I’ve lived in a city that has a bible belt community and been criticized myself so I know how the opinions of a closed minded following can be. But as I sit here and seriously take in what is going on, all over the country there is a MAJOR violation against our FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Porn is heavily regulated, and like anything minors find a way to get their hands on it. But, to make it nearly impossible to send dvd’s, dictate where you can film, and limit where it can be watched seems to be more than extreme. The laws are ridiculous at best, in some cases just down right unheard of. In my opinion, and ofcourse I am not biased because I am in the industry, they should think of porn as a way for many to release their urges in the privacy of their own home verses going out into the world and exposing the world to what could potentially be a harmful situation. NOT condoning their actions AT all, I am simply considering that perhaps their ability to watch some raunchy porn could detour them from acting on any less than desirable urges.

I do believe that grown folks have the right to produce, tape and distribute porn WITHIN the 50 states to VERIFIED adults. Parents shouldn’t be letting their kids use their credit cards nor have full access to always check the mail. In MY home that is MY duty. Parents need to take back control of their kids. PERIOD. Personally, I don’t even think that the actual concern is for minors being in wrongful possession but moreso that the government isn’t profiting as much as they would like from the sale of porn. The minor child is MORE likely to get a hold of porn purchased by an adult instead of making the purchase themselves anyways. The funny thing is, PORN has kept our economy afloat. It’s about the only industry that hasn’t taken a HUGE dive, although it has suffered tremendously it still seems to have a high number of purchases and sales overall.
Freedom of speech is being violated. It’s time to step up and fight for the right to create our erotic art. HotMovies was raided for “prostitution ring” which is another can of worms to open at a later time. Over 100 agents spent the entire day tearing apart their office and detaining employees and staff. Is this REALLY necessary? Just a quick side note on escorts or prostitution. So what if they are having sex for money… shouldn’t we be more concerned about the health safety instead of “laws” being broken. Make it legal, make ’em pay taxes. The government is SO retarded. We wouldn’t be so much in freakin debt if they thought SMARTER instead of making laws that concentrate on VICTIMLESS crimes instead of chasing the REAL criminals.
Enough of my rant. #teamplat who has my back?

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