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December 30, 2014

Goodbye 2014, welcome 2015!

It’s about that time of year that everyone testifies to their new years resolutions and sets goals that will repeat themselves year after year.  However, for me, I simply want to reflect and make claim to keep doing exactly what I am doing.  Simply, it works for me.

First and foremost, this year has definitely had it’s ups and downs as all do.  For the first time, there were far more ups than downs.  2013 was a horrible year for me and going into 2014 I feared it would repeat itself.  I was quite surprised when early in the year, it made a turn for the better and keeps improving with time.

I was VERY lucky to meet the owner of Touchy Situations who had already established a camhouse and was seeking someone to help get the house going.  This project saved me.  In fact, it helped me rediscover myself and build the strength I needed to make this not only work but successful.  The house is doing VERY well as a matter of fact, we are getting ready to franchise to other locations starting with Las Vegas.

The love life didn’t get a whole lot of action, although I did have some months of pleasure with someone local.  Unfortunately, telling the truth seems to be a major epidemic so I had to remove that toxic bullshit from my life.  I’ve met some amazing people who’ve become great friends… and will see what the future has for me.  Quite frankly, I am far too busy building my empire to slow down for love.

My family life definitely saw it’s moments of weakness but like anything in life, things have to take it’s toll before it sees it’s blessings.  The holidays proved to mend broken relationships, strengthen others and ultimately brought my family back together.  I am VERY blessed and enjoy them so much.  Our memories are forever!

I am grateful to have removed toxic elements from my life, and in removing the cancer I was able to find my long lost bestie.  Our friendship is so strong and our bond is amazing.  I’ve done a lot of powerful things this year, empowered others and ultimately built a strong foundation for the future of BBW.  I am a proud big woman, and eager to reach out to more women all over the world who need that confidence boost and words of encouragement.

I changed my appearance drastically by dying my hair BLACK!  Definitely changed my looks a few times this year.  I love the Betty Paige look and loving that my hair is growing fast!  I can’t wait to have my beautiful long hair again!  I lost a few pounds, gained them back.  My wardrobe got a make over a few weeks ago with the new climate I am living in.  SNOW?  Never before but now I am living in it!  
But… that’s it for 2014!

What can you expect in 2015?  Stay tuned.  🙂 

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