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April 15, 2017

Grubhub vs Eat 24 & other food delivery sites


The great debate continues with which service I prefer to use.  I had been on Grubhub for years until I started having issues with every restaurant’s delivery and Grubhub seemed less and less likely to do anything about it.  So I took the plunge to try something new and went to Eat24.  Then, for several months I stayed with Eat24, VERY happy with the service and results until…..
Grubhub came out with Egift Cards.  Yes… my faith in Grubhub was restored as my fans and feeders could send gift certificates to feed me!  What a great way to enhance the features of your site!
However, there are still other features that I REALLY like about Eat24.  Here are just a few:
The ability to split the bill between cash and credit card.
Often times you have multiple people ordering and with Eat24 you are given the option to make several payments via different cards and cash in one order.  This feature makes it real easy for everyone to pay for their own food OR even if you have just a little bit of cash and need to use a card as well.  
As for customer service, my short time with Eat24 didn’t require I call them… so I can’t really speak on their customer service.  
I do like that you can review your past orders, print receipts and see how much money you blow on food!  
That sums up my comparison!  Catch my videos on FeedMeFatCamp.com! 

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