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September 23, 2014

I am proud to be a SEX WORKER!

That’s right!  I am a sex worker and proud!  I work as a webcam performer, adult actress and film star, radio personality, blogger, educator, escort and couples concierge among other important titles and functions.

It is common to be looked down on or criticized for working in the sex industry.  It is difficult for others to understand things they themselves are unfamiliar or uncomfortable.  We are made to feel guilty for our desires and natural human instincts.  It starts with the masking of the human body and hiding our nude skin.

As young children, we are taught to clothe ourselves and that being nude is something that is wrong and only to take place in private.  We eventually take those opinions and publicly imposed opinions to our adulthood which then makes us feel like being sexual is a bad thing or an act of perversion.  In fact, it’s human and natural.

Because of the beliefs of general society of sex, becoming a sex worker has a stigma attached.  I firmly believe that being sexually open, educated and free is a liberated way of living.  It is healthy to be familiar with your body, and free to find comfort in your nude skin.  I, personally, enjoy nudity and quite proud of my flawed curves.  These types of stigmas are unhealthy and create issues that are a hindrance to our mental growth and stability.

I take pride in my independent thinking and confidence.  As a result, I have no resolve for being a sex worker.  In fact, it has been the most educating, character building, and strengthening experience of my life.  The sex industry saved my life.

I suppose having a different aspect of how sex work truly affects the public and others would explain another reason for not having a guilty conscience about my career choice.  I take a very professional approach to my responsibilities and work ethics very serious.  Safety, education and ultimately knowing the boundaries are helpful resources as well.

The key to being successful in the adult business and sex industry is knowing yourself, staying true to your  values and not letting the inability for others to understand and positively support what you do affect your ability to do your job.  Contrary to what others may think or say, many of us are safer than the general public with frequent std and HIV testing, the use of condoms and various other forms of sexual protection.  We have a lot to lose if we contract a sexually transmitted disease and our reputation is tarnished therefore, we are going to take all the necessary steps to avoid such detrimental harm.

Love yourself, do what you love and embrace who you are.  Wear your sexual energy with pride!

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  • Angel LoveLace

    I think you are amazing and love how you are stay true to yourself….it shows in everything you do! you are Beautiful in every way! kisses~

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  • Kari Anthony

    Thank you babe! It means the world that you share those feelings about me! 🙂

    Reply to Kari Anthony

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