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October 30, 2010

Sex me!

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Kristine Cumz @ her Meet n Greet which she holds generally every 4-6months in the Tampa area. There were alot of thinner models from various sites, most of them didn’t seem too interested in who I was or why I was there.. but Kristine was SUPER nice and welcomed me with open arms. Kudos girl. I can’t wait to work with her in the near future and attend what new event may be in store.

Ofcourse you know I go to NY/NJ pretty frequently to rep for my Yankee fans… lol so naturally I am attending the Exxxotica NY convention taking place at the New Jersey Expo Center in Edison, NJ. I went last year and had a FREAKING blast. I hung out with my fam King Jeff of Wetinthecity.com and Carmyell of ClubCarmyell.com. I also had the pleasure of meeting LiLFreakNyou and shot with him as well! I certainly look forward to doing so again this year along with Moe the Monster, Lee Longwood, CeeJay Strokes, and hopefully some other Union men. This is a great opportunity to network with other industry amateurs, shoot alot of content with people who are in the area and get some GOOD lovin! Stay tuned. If you are in the area, come see me! Shoot me an EMAIL – we can do dinner, lunch, breakfast… not in that order ofcourse but I am always game for a nice convo and some food.

This is the new update on my site. Check it out ====> it’s definitely some HOT stuff!
Last but certainly not least, I have to share my moment of weakness. The last few days DestinyBBW had some company. Her young jedi came down from Atlanta and needless to say they fucked from the time he got here til the time he left. 3 straight days of a sex-capade. Well being that my room is right next to hers, I heard ALOT of moaning… and Destiny and I aren’t “that” way so it wasn’t HER I was turned on by but the sounds of sex. So a few months ago I had met a guy out here we will call him A. We had AMAZING INCREDIBLE 4hrs of straight sex. I HAD to give him a call. Needless to say, he was here within the hour and showed me that it wasn’t just a one night thing. Hours of sweaty body aching bumpin and grindin with his HUGE dick reminded me that we still had our connection. My area isn’t the most welcoming, and my bed is far from cozy… but we managed to make it work and tear the roof off this MOTHA! I know the neighbors think we run some kind of brothel up in here lol and it’s just us gettin our FREAK on! There will be MANY more nights like that!
Tonight is the Halloween party at the CLUB Plush in Tampa. I am not going to disclose my costume, cuz I am giving away FREE dvd’s to those who come see me and find me in my disguise. If you mention you saw it on twitter, fb or my blog ofcourse! Other than that… gotta get some zzz’s. Rest up for the PARTY tonight! Catch ya later.

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