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October 5, 2016

I’d say SHOOT me for not posting but I’d rather you just FEED ME!

Geez… I am terrible about keeping up with my blog but you can definitely keep up to date with me on my youtube, instagram and twitter!

 Youtube: http://feedmefatcamp.com
Twitter: @FeedMeFatter 
Instagram: FeedMeFatterBBW

 The scale broke at the house and I haven’t been able to weigh myself in months. It’s been weird without knowing exactly where I am at weight wise. Working on shopping for one, and put one on my wishlist. Let’s see what happens with that!

 I have a new mukbang buddy Alyssa Jane at the house with me now! It’s refreshing to be around someone who loves eating, ordering out and doing videos of us indulging in the best foods, trying new things and discussing our appetites. We have been doing a lot of filming together and it makes me feel accomplished!

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