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September 19, 2012

In our time of need

Many of you have seen me posting Desiree’s blog, and I felt it was only right for me to express my thoughts, feelings and myself regarding the latest turn of events.

I moved to Las Vegas in March, to provide more attention to BBWFANFEST which I had begun organizing since October 2011.  In the midst of my move, I had made some amazing connections, networked with wonderful people and made some fabulous friends.  I love Las Vegas!  Eventually, Desiree Devine and I would put our differences aside, become friends again and work on BBWFANFEST together in a joint effort to make it a huge success.  During that time, we spent countless hours together – well we were inseparable.  Needless to say, it just made sense to move in together since we were working on projects together anyways.

Desiree’s apartment wasn’t in the greatest of areas, but we had never experienced anything that lead us to believe the place was at risk of any problems.  We were WRONG!  I will say that we probably could’ve taken some precautions prior to leaving to avoid as much damage, but you don’t really know until it happens.  Aside from that, we were gone a lot longer than we anticipated as we had to return some of the items from BBWFANFEST back to Florida.  Our trip would prove to be a major mistake as our absence lead to the breaking in of our apartment not once, but twice!  These assholes came and stole everything.  The police say that they are likely to return due to the nature of the location of the apartment, and the ease of access for them.

Not that we would stay after all of the violations to our safety and security so we begin our search for a new, safer place.  The problems we’ve encountered post trauma, dealing with the shitty apartment complex, has proven even more of stressful situation than the break in itself.  The state of Nevada requires that you carry renters insurance and they are now claiming that they changed management and let their policy lapse, therefore indicating that we will not be covered.  NOT COVERED?  We lost EVERYTHING including our clothes, personal hygiene items, kitchen appliances, electronics, EQUIPMENT and our personal sex toys which we use for work!!  REALLY?  Not only that, we just paid rent and now we have to break the lease, lose the deposit, and rent for a unit we weren’t able to stay in past the first of the month and all of our stuff is gone.

As shitty as it is, the bottom line is that we have to start over.  The only reason your help is being requested is because we are now homeless, staying with a friend until we can come up with the deposits, and moving expenses.  We aren’t asking for hand out’s, as EVERY donation gets you some sort of gift.  Whether you donate money, gift cards or whatever you can we certainly appreciate it!

We can’t thank you enough for your support and generosity in this time of need. To show our gratitude, below is a list of gifts we are offering for your donation. Please accept our humble thanks as we embark on our next chapter.
$20 & ↑ – Personalized phone call from both Desiree & Platinum
$50 & ↑ – Call + Membership to both DesireeDevine.com & PlatinumPuzzy.com
$100 & ↑ – Call + Memberships + Autographed DVD
$300 & ↑ – Call + Memberships + DVD + Custom video

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