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October 30, 2010

Insight into Platinum Puzzy

An interesting conversation came about today with someone I’ve been chopping it up with on twitter… we are working on some plans to do shoots in the near future and he may just be my very first white cock. As we discussed “my size” in comparison to the other models he has worked with or simply had relations with personally I made it VERY clear that I am comfortable with myself, and my fatness. Yes, I said it FAT! Come on… let’s just put it out there. When you use a word to describe someone bigger than normal you use the word FAT. The plus size community may send me hate mail for this but what the fuck, they hate me anyways because I’m a whore and I do porn AND my name is VULGAR, so since when do I give a fuck what a 2faced judgemental self criticising community has to say about me? I don’t. I am who I am and I love who I am so no changes from me.

Why am I confident?
Because there was a day I wasn’t, and I remember how MISERABLE I was. I remember the days of crying because I thought I looked SO fat and ugly and would NEVER have a man to love me. I was 60lbs lighter then!! Imagine that now… Shit. One day, someone said if you ever want to be happy, you have to start with the person in the mirror. You have to learn to be grateful for the things you have instead of mourning for what you don’t. You have decide to be happy, and make decisions in your attitude that reflect a HAPPY person. I changed my whole perspective on life, took on happiness as the biggest challenge of my life and went POSITIVE like a mofo. It’s tough sometimes. The true testimony is fighting depression, because IT HAPPENS. But you can’t let it take over your life. I have no more than a week of self pity and dark days before I kick it in the butt and get myself back on my feet and in the sun again. Confidence comes from accepting who you are, and who you want to be. NOT dwelling on who you’ve been. Take it by the horns, and be the kind of person you want to meet in life. Stop worrying on what other people think of you. More often than not they don’t feel very good about themselves, and they will project that on their feelings towards you. Trust me, I still fight with this because I try VERY hard to be a good friend, and a good person. Naturally when you fall out with someone they attack the very things they know will break you down. Don’t let it.
How does doing porn effect my everyday life?
Geez, it has it’s ups and it’s downs. Being from a city that is VERY much the bible belt of the south, it’s VERY difficult. Judgement comes from people who PREACH not to judge. But, as taking on the confidence of my size and years of dating outside my race (my whole life actually) AND being an overweight person – these situations and battles have helped me gain the strength to simply not give a shit. My parents know, my friends know and now most of the community knows. There is NOTHING to hide. It’s what I do, not who I am. A part of me is in my work and my “alter ego” but there is a side to me totally unconnected to my Platinum Puzzy persona. It has it’s moments. TRUST THAT. From wanting to make sure you are doing things within the law, to dealing with catty bitches in the industry who simply become haters and want to conduct themselves as such. I take on each day as a new one, learning as much as possible and trying to be as productive as possible.

Does being an amateur webmodel/actress differ from being a dvd star?
Indeed it does. Does it make me LESS of a pornstar? ABSOLUTELY not. Porn doesn’t JUST mean mainstream, it’s THE EROTIC ART OF SEX ON FILM. I said it. Do I take credit AWAY from dvd models? Not at all. However, amateur webmodels/actresses have their work cut out for them and know the struggle of the PROCESS involved in this business. From the very birth of a project to the final cut, we are usually a part of ever intricate detail in creation and delivery. From branding yourself to networking, promoting, editing… it’s definitely ALOT of work. A dvd model shows up, fucks, gets paid and goes home. Her name is made and branded by the companies she works for. An amateur model has to make the name herself. Alot of people don’t know that, and don’t recognize the hard work and our own personal money that goes into our projects. It can be VERY time consuming and hard work.

Do you Only work with black cocks?
It would appear that way but such is not the case. I have been looking for reliable Caucasian stunt cock for years. I’ve searched, set up scenes, and traveled all over the country to find myself unsuccessful. I have been waiting for an opportunity to show my diversity with the type of men I like. I am diverse in my personality, why stop with my sexuality?
As you can see I have dedicated myself to getting back to blogging, and answering the questions you want to ask. This will conclude today’s episode… time to get ready for the Halloween bash tonight! Have a safe Halloween!

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  • Aries

    I'm so proud of you! YOU as a person has/is learning all the right things you need to be the person you've become/ing. There were so many times i wanted to step in, look you in your eyes and say "SLOWLY BACK AWAY" but you handle things the way you do and that's what i appreciate about you. I stay to myself, LOL it's quiet in my corner ;)Keep that pretty head up & keep doing you because your only getting better MUAH*

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  • sammieSC2

    girl, you have said everything that i have felt over the past five years. i too was slender and MISERABLE. never again. if people don't like me, tough. and if narrow minded racists don't like the fact that i enjoy mandingos, TOUGH! and if bible thumpers don't like the fact that i'm a webSLUT, TOUGH! you said it much more eloquently though! thank you!


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  • Seeme

    I have read a lot of your stuff and have never commented, but I saw this and had to state a few things. For one, I follow you on twitter and though you say some positive things you are actually quite negative, you talk a lot of garbage. Secondly, you talk about not caring about what people think of you, but all you talk about is not caring what people think of you. It seems like if you put so much attention into the subject you must care. Third, I think most actual porn star's would disagree with you saying a web model is equivelant to being a porn star. I have read a lot of porn star's things and they all say the same thing, just because you have sex on camera doesn't make you a porn star. I tend to agree, to be a star I think you have to have a really known name and a brand. Lastly, having sex with one or two white guys does not show your diversity, how many years have you been making videos with only black guys? I think you are pretty much typecast at this point, sorry to say. I don't know, I may be wwrong, but I have followed you for some time now and you seem to contradict yourself a lot.

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  • PlatinumPuzzy

    @Seeme – I appreciate your comment, however have to disagree. Enough said.

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