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May 14, 2011

It’s official – BBWGIRLTWEET has a booth @ Exxxotica Miami

I couldn’t begin to tell you that I had NO idea what this day had in store when I woke up and was less than in the best of moods. I had been on a long, tiring mission to see if ONE person, ONE company, and just ONE opportunity would come along and allow our team of BBW’s a chance to show a positive image and represent our “niche” at such a huge show. My efforts were being shut down one after the other but not without it’s share of interesting conversations.
I approached Clips4sale who I’ve dealt with for years and ADORE, but found out that they had declined the opportunity to have a booth at the expo this year. Saddened by the news as they were a HUGE success and spectacle at the AVN show in Vegas January of this year. I approached Adult Chamber whom I’ve learned a lot from, a site that is informative for self help webmistresses and nerds like myself. I have yet to hear from them. And ofcourse I had hit up Pornstartweet aka Naughtytweet whom gave me the awesome opportunity to be a BBWGIRLTWEET ninja, handling the BBWGirltweet twitter page. Pornstartweet was eager to give us the opportunity, just had a hard time with logistics.
I emailed him one last time about the potential for signing at the booth at the very least, and he said “call me, let’s talk” … I immediately responded but not expecting what I was about to hear. “BBWgirltweet needs to have a booth, let’s make it happen.” And I couldn’t say YES fast enough! We worked out some details, and next thing you know my phone was blowing up! Gigi Starr XXX was the first to call me “Girl BBWGIRLTWEET is having a booth at Exxxotica??” and from there it was hysteria amongst some of the girls who knew I was really pushing to have a better BBW presence at the show.
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the way Naughty Tweet TOP Ninja Pete Housley has shown such support of the BBW niche market which tends to get shafted in the mainstream and general porn industry as a whole. I feel honored to be a part of such a diverse group of talented individuals, Naughty Tweet Ninja’s. I feel like I am starting to get real recognition for the hard work I have put in for so long.” Platinum Puzzy
After having had THAT major weight lifted from my shoulders, Mimi Melons calls me and says “We’ve been offered a venue for our bbw club night in Jacksonville, FL” Another situation I had put on a back burner due to the intense search for a place to hold our BBW night. Our business plan will be reviewed on Tuesday and I am certain that by sum
mer’s end we will have our first club night officially released so be prepared to make your weekend trip to Jacksonville for some southern fatty fun!

And since Blogger has been down for a few days I can finally announce the latest nominations added to the Urban X Awards. I had already been nominated for BBW OF THE YEAR and now BEST BBW PERSONAL WEBSITE and BEST ADULT INTERNET RADIO SHOW. You can go to VOTE4PUZZY.com to place your votes!
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OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Friday, May 13, 2011 – Las Vegas, NV – The Naughty Tweet Network announced this morning that their product BBWGirlTweet had outgrown appearing with PornStarTweet and will now have its own booth at the forthcoming Exxxotica Miami Expo featuring some of the top names in the BBW Market today!“BIGGER IS ALWAYS BETTER”, exclaimed Pete Housley CEO of the Naughty Tweet Network. “No pun intended – a last minute cancellation from a sponsor some of our BBW Girls without a home at Exxxoitca. We simply couldn’t fit the contingent of BBW Stars in the existing 400 Square Foot PornStarTweet booth; and their celebrity alone warrants them having their own booth — so they got it.”BBWGirlTweet which displays the tag line “The Biggest Celebrities on Twitter” is proud to present an amazing line up of some of the hottest names in the BBW niche including Platinum Puzzy, Black Passion, Gigi Starr XXX, Sienna Hills, and Jenna Divyne.“It is truly an honor to have such positive support of our plus size talent at Exxxotica”, said Platinum Puzzy who was also recently named the BBW Naughty Tweet Ninja. “We love meeting fans and introducing people to the BBW world – there’s a lot of sexy about us! We adore Naughty Tweet and Exxxotica for being open minded enough to let us demonstrate our love.”The girls will be signing autographs and meeting fans while Tweeting about all the crazy happenings at Exxxotica Miami 2011 and will make special appearances on PornStarTweet’s live feed being broadcast on the www.iFriends.net platform. Stop by the BBWGirlTweet booth 535 and see what BBW is all about!The NaughtyTweetNetwork operates 16 Social Media aggregation sites with a Social Media follower base in the 100’s of thousands. The network offers vertical products such as PornStarTweet.com, CamGirlTweet.com, GayStarTweet.com and the newly launched NSFW.TW. Each product offers unique advertising, co-branding and sponsorship opportunities; as well as social media marketing consulting services. For further information contact info@NaughtyTweet.This story comes from: http://releases.naughtypr.com/?p=139

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