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July 17, 2014

Keep your domains

I learned a tough lesson over the course of the last few years.  I have a habit of buying domains with intentions of using them for various projects.  It’s not uncommon for other projects to take priority and your domain is being forwarded to another website to make sure it is being used.

I bought a domain several years ago, and was forwarding it to someone’s clips4sale store.  When I no longer worked with them on the store, I decided to let the domain expire.

What I failed to realize was that I had driven traffic to the domain, therefore when it expired the value of the domain had increased.  Years later, I decided to pick up the project on my own and attempted to buy the domain.  Prepared with a coupon code for $1.99 from Godaddy, I was ready to buy my domain back.  And then I looked it up, and found it was being sold for $$1,295.  

Wow!  I was confused because as I was disappointed that the domain was definitely FAR more than I was willing to pay to recover it, I was also proud of the value the domain had established.  I won’t be buying the domain back, but I will certainly make sure I don’t let valuable domains expire.

They are expensive when you buy 20-30 a years at a renewal rate of $15 each.  Make EACH domain useful.  AND KEEP IT.

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