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February 11, 2018

Kylie Jenner FINALLY announces her pregnancy by introducing Stormy Webster

The comments are disabled.  The video starts off with Kris Jenner giving birth to Kylie and then leads into her friends sharing how they were told about Kylie being pregnant.  A very touching video, I must admit that shared intimate moments with the reality star proving that she can stay out of the limelight long enough to have a baby in private.

Props to the Kardashians for pulling this off.  I must say I am surprised seeing as how they are camera hogs and stay in the limelight.  For their fans, NOT knowing was killing them and now they know.

Born on MY birthday, February 1 at 8lbs 9oz, she was definitely a healthy baby.  The rumors were that Travis Scott, the father of Kylie’s baby, didn’t want to be involved with Kylie and was portrayed as unsupportive of her pregnancy.  Judging by the video, that couldn’t be further from the truth as he was there during the birth of their baby and what seemed as affectionate moments throughout the 9 months leading up to the day she was born.

This video is proof that when you say nothing, the media will make things up for hits, clicks and follows.  I love the way the video was a combination of professionally shot video and real life moment captured herself.  The Kardashian clan is ever growing and definitely seems filled with love.   It’s definitely hard to hate them, and why would you?  They are so freaking cute.  Here is the video:


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