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February 2, 2012

A la natural? OR dolled up with make up?

Everyone has a dream of looking glamorous and like a movie star, and oddly enough it’s not THAT hard to make a reality. The truth of the matter is that under neath all the glam on Hollywood’s biggest and hottest stars, is a natural person who looks JUST like you when you remove the make up and fancy hair, clothes and accessories. As seen >>VIEW HERE, you see that there are VERY few NATURALLY great looking stars, they just look glamorous with an expensive make up artist, a hair stylist, a wardrobe stylist and team of professionals to ensure they look 100% before walking out the door.

I look like a totally different person before make up, and I am happy with my natural look. Matter of fact, I will share with you here:

The key to a look of glamour, which I do my make up myself – is accenting on your own features. I have almond shaped eyes, so I do eye make up that brightens my eye area and makes them look bigger. I have full lips, and I accentuate on those. Youtube is an amazing source of information and video instruction tutorials for blending, how to apply eyelashes, and more.

Last but not least, you don’t HAVE to buy expensive make up to get the best look. I personally LOVE Mac products, especially the foundation but use NYX, Wet N Wild and other eye shadows and eye liners. Matter of fact, I prefer them to the more expensive brands. The key to eye shadow is a eye make up primer.

Let’s see YOUR glamour look! If you wish to submit your before and after photos – email platinumpuzzy@gmail.com. If you like the natural look or even if you don’t – COMMENT! Let’s hear what you have to say!!

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