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April 12, 2013

Mind Melt update

On April 3, I wrote a blog sharing some deep, personal details about my failed love life and the fact that I am still dealing with someone that has been an off and on again kind of deal for 2 years now. Here’s more into the situation, latest details and an update.

A few weeks ago he hit me up after a short amount of time with no contact upon my request. He has moved closer to me after requesting orders to be as close as possible and got stationed about 3hrs away from me. His message was very heart felt (at least it seemed so) and he asked if he could just see me, and if I don’t feel the same about him he would discontinue further contact. I thought to myself, how hard could this be right? Just see him, prove that I can be a woman and move on.

So, we planned a weekend for him to come to Vegas. He was GREAT about communication up until the day before he was supposed to arrive. All of a sudden, it was crickets. After a day of not hearing from him following MANY days of constant contact and expression of his gratitude for allowing him to come and plan making… I sent him a text that said “I assume by your silence you will not be coming and since that’s the case I will make other plans. Take care”

Seems fair right? Well… it would turn out that due to a VERY good reason, his silence would make me look like a complete asshole. He had a passing in his family and it was someone VERY close to him. Of course, I had already stuck my entire leg in my mouth jumping to conclusions and going off like “Count Cuntula” in typical Kari behavior. I felt awful and apologized. I suggested that he come the following weekend. So he agreed.

The following week was similar to the previous, with constant contact and discussion of our plans. But, a very familiar scene would replay itself. Friday would arrive after not hearing from him Thursday and that morning I was going off again SUPER pissed that I had even allowed myself to get suckered into this again. What was even worse, was that I had made plans to get closer to him to make it easier and cut the travel time. The entire trip was FOR HIM. I texted him, and he replied with a long story about having to work.. blah blah blah. I was done. Deuces… This is ridiculous playa!

He tried texting me during the weekend, which I ended up at the Club Thicalatte grand opening in San Bernadino, and was enjoying myself so the LAST thing I needed was to hear from him and told him so. After my weekend, he called and explained what has been going on and BEGGED for a final chance to prove that circumstances were beyond his control. I was reluctant, and extremely hesitant at best. Finally I gave in.

The following weekend I would be in Anaheim, CA which again isn’t far from him. My business there would give me a rare opportunity to see him on MY terms.

I left Thursday morning around 11:30am, barely made my flight and walked ALL through McCarran Airport Las Vegas to get to a gate at the FAR end of the terminal.  When I arrived, I was delighted when the lady working the desk was not hesitant to give me pre-boarding I knew this was going to be a good trip.  Considering my last travel trauma, the last thing I needed was someone rude and un-accommodating.

I arrived to John Wayne Airport around noon, luggage slightly delayed due to a drug enforcement team checking out our entire flight’s luggage, but nothing too terribly inconvenient.  My ride picked me up, and we headed to get lunch as I was STARVING.  Grabbed a mimosa, and California Club from California Pizza Kitchen and relaxed a bit.  The weather was amazing and it was nice to be there early so I didn’t have to rush around.  That night, I just relaxed and prepared for the next few days

Friday morning started VERY bad and I was frazzled by 1pm, but quickly it took a change for the better and soon I would be in a much better place.  After changing to another hotel, as the first was filled with spring break kids and cheerleaders, I ended up at a much nicer and quieter establishment.  My lunch date arrived right on time, and we went to Cheesecake Factory to discuss business.  It went VERY well, and I think I may have picked up a client for consultation on social media, marketing and promotions.

We ate, talked for a couple of hours and he brought me this BEAUTIFUL basket of goodies for Easter filled with dildos, vibrators, lube and all kinds of adult novelties as seen on his website TheNaughtyToolBox.com   I made him a couple of videos, took photos and started working immediately on showing him how to manage his marketing campaigns.

After he left, I had a fan come by and take pictures and video of me in my army costume.

Ok!  I know you want to know what happened next!  So Friday night, I had dinner with my lovely, voluptuous friends and hit up an old school arcade with everything from Galaga to Pac Man to Donkey Kong.  Yeah, it was SO much fun being a gaming nerd like old times.  Then I went to bed early to prepare for the following day which was seeming to be jammed packed with the hopeful arrival of the ex, and my dad was coming to see me as well at the same time which meant that he was going to meet him if he showed.

I woke up EARLY as fuck Saturday morning due to my nerves being shot and wondering if he was going to come.  I had a little scare when it got a little late in the morning and I hadn’t heard a peep from him.  Finally, he called and told me he was on his way.  Not sure of how I was going to manage my emotions or even how I felt, I waited for him to arrive in a nervous anticipation.

He arrived, and as soon as I saw him I tried to have this mean mug on my face, but you could tell that I was trying too hard and the smile eventually took over.  He was grinning from ear to ear as well.  He hugged me so tight, kissed me on my lips and just kept telling me how he was so happy to see me again.  We went to the room and dropped off his luggage, hugged a little more and waited for my dad to arrive who wasn’t too far behind him.

My dad pulled up to the front of the hotel, and he was so happy to see me too!  Got out, hugged me and met the guy… it was awkward to say the least.  We jumped in his truck, headed to lunch and proceeded to have a blast.  We discussed everything from my childhood, my family, and talk of a wedding?  Uh…. nope.  Pump your breaks pops, there is NO wedding happening over here.

Clearly I still have some VERY deep feelings for this man, but we need a FUNCTIONAL relationship before we even CONSIDER getting married.  Cancel that pops!  LOL

So the day ended with my dad leaving, and he asked if he could stay the night with me.  Of course, I couldn’t say no and was happy to have him there with me.  He was so affectionate, and it felt good to be together.  And, I knew he was going to drop that bomb ass dick on me!  The ONLY functional part of our relationship is the sex!

And sure enough, he touched me like he used to and made love to me like no other.  This continued over and over for a while… and eventually I fell asleep in his arms.  He kissed my forehead and reminded me of what made me fall in love with him to begin with.

The next day we lounged all day, and made more love …. then he left.  Then I had some female company… but THAT is a surprise!!



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