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September 7, 2016

MODEL CENTRO: Your Affiliate Program is your FREE marketing tool!

You’ve made the first step into being a website owner and in full control of your website by joining Model Centro.  You took the next steps by designing your site, uploading content and setting prices.  What you may have forgotten to do?  Enable your affiliate program.  

Many of you ask, what is an affiliate program and why should I have one?

Simplified?  It’s your FREE resource to gaining more traffic to your website and expanding your conversions into website earnings.  Ok, maybe that wasn’t as simplified as I could make it so I will say it like this:  “Affiliates market YOUR website which creates sales for you and earns them a % of the money they generate in return.”  Essentially, you are paying an affiliate to market your website ONLY if their efforts generate sales.

The % will vary from site to site, but essentially this is how it works.  You ENABLE your affiliate program and create free marketing tools for your affiliates to use in their promotions which will increase your traffic and sales.  

Here is how you set up your affiliate program:

Once you enable your affiliate program, you can let your social media followers know and start getting sign ups!

In the NEXT Affiliate Program blog I will show you how to create promotional content specifically for your affiliates!

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