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May 10, 2017

My new curves

As of late, I am noticing more and more curves.  I love them!  Each pound, each curve, each noticeable change in my body from my growing efforts make me smile.  Knowing that I am healthy yet able to embrace this new me is just an amazing feeling.  
I weighed myself today and was quite surprised to see my results. You will be surprised as well.  He loves them too… which is what I found most surprising.  I thought that my new size was going to turn him off and anger him.  He is concerned about my health and well being.  Nothing to worry about though.  
I will be posting my progress videos and weigh in’s soon.  Plus I have some footage of me trying on clothes that used to fit but now are too small!  
FattyFetishes.com is where you can find those videos.

Don’t forget about my Youtube channel

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