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August 22, 2013

My sex club experience (again) – the best head EVER!


For those of you who have kept up with my blog, you know that previously I had loyalty to one of these clubs until a management change and eventually ownership change took place.  Since then, I took the opportunity to check out the Green Door club and was quite surprised at what I would find.

First off, they are BOTH sex clubs.  I had a great relationship with the owners of P.E. and wanted very much for it to flourish and blossom into the club it had potential to be.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the same vision and when the new owner took over he made it VERY clear that NOT people of all sizes and race were welcome at his club.  Therefore, I went to Green Door.

There isn’t really any comparison, as the Green Door is far more professional and very much more hospitable.  The staff was friendly and gave us a tour of the place.  The patrons were typical pervs with NO type of consideration for those playing but easily scared off by a man voice.

I went with a friend visiting from the UK, a beautiful blond who is BARELY BBW… and another friend who is VERY conservative.  She brought her male friend who happened to be visiting from Hawaii.  We walked around and there were lots of people there, unfortunately none were playing.  They don’t sell alcohol there, so it was up to us to find a natural way of breaking the ice and getting the party started.

Leave it to me, I start rubbing on myself which leads to my sexy UK bombshell beginning to loosen up.  Her and the friend from Hawaii start to play.  I then meet this perfect stranger, and with a push from Ms Conservative I end up on the bed with him rubbing on my pussy.  It felt amazing and he asked if he could taste me.  I let him and he was BY FAR the best oral fuck I have EVER experienced.

I screamed so loud that people were coming from all over the club to watch.  Some guys had their dicks out and jerking off others were just watching.  A couple came and started playing with my titties.  CRazY!

We finished off.. and exchanged numbers.  No sex, just him giving me the best oral experience EVER!

SO in comparison, Power Exchange needs a lot of improvements.  It might be cheaper but the clientele is definitely less appealing.  I will definitely be returning to the Green Door soon!

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