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June 28, 2010

New shit out…

Finally he has a site I can link to! One of the BEST in the business – I’ve enjoyed working with him A LOT and can’t WAIT to film again JONNY SLIM For JonnySlimXXX Site click Here By far, he has worked his way into mainstream porn and rightfully so with a small frame but larger than life attitude that makes working with him competitive and fun. I am glad his site is up, even if it’s just a blog he deserves his own corner of the web to showcase his talent, and he is a talented guy. **** 4 stars for Jonny Slim. You can find him on PlatinumPuzzy.net in the title “Fatty Vs Slim”

I wasn’t aware this title was out until Desiree brought it to my attention. I am flattered to be in my FIRST official mainstream/fetish dvd title. You can purchase it by going HERE. This was shot with Mark Anthony This Aint The Barber Shop site who is definitely a cool guy to meet, a professional adult artist and a great time. I was very fortunate to work with him for Plumper Pass but even more lucky to work with him on our own projects following the PP shoot. I was shocked to see how much stamina he had… and thoroughly enjoyed every scene we were able to film. **** 4 stars for Mark Anthony

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