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June 26, 2013

OMG! Rikki Waters gets gagged, spanked & fucked!

“BBW Bound and Banged”
I’ve know this hot BBW for years and let me tell you, I never saw THIS coming!  Much to my surprise, she is usually VERY dominate but apparently get some dick involved and she has no problem with having her mouth filled with a gag ball!  

Her curves are gorgeous and even that plump belly and huge boobs!  Gotta love that latin flavor and gorgeous smile!  

Here you see her getting what she deserves as she can be VERY mouthy (if you know what I mean) and Master Dick Slayer isn’t taking her shit!  That’s right!  Shut her up and make her BEG for the dick!  

She gets fucked all right!  Ride that cock like a good girl!  


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