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February 8, 2012

Sexual Exstacy – Rhyme vs Rhythm

I went to a poetry reading since I LOVE to write, and although I have yet had the courage to get on stage and read my writings, I enjoy watching those that do. I had frequented this one spot for a while attending every once in a while, but on this particular night it had been a while since I had been there. A few weeks prior, I had caught eyes with this VERY sexy chocolate hottie, well dressed and smelled of some kind of erotic scent that had me ready to undress right there in public. Yeah, certain scents do that to me.

He didn’t read a poem that week, just sat back in his chair with his cognac and occassionally looked in my direction and smiled. I didn’t think he was looking at me, but was still flattered to have his attention in my general direction.

SO I made sure this week I was dressed to a T, looking sexy but not slutty and keeping it classy. I came a little early to watch how the room filled and hoped he would show. I grabbed some food, which was a first for me since usually I get there after they have stopped serving food and I was shocked at how good the soul food was. Almost forgot why I was there, enjoying the food so much.

By the time the readings began, I had a full belly and a few drinks under my wing so I was feeling LOVELY! I had intentions of reading in front of everyone so I put my name on the list but wasn’t sure if I could actually pull it off.

I chugged a couple more drinks, and before too long the inspiration filled the room and in walks the handsome man I was hoping to see. The only problem was, I was even MORE nervous to read my poem and minutes later who’s name do they call? You got it – MINE!

My face turned ghostly white and I felt like I was having an out of body experience, Much to my surprise as I was getting on stage, the hottie came and grabbed my hand helping me get up there and sat right next to the stage where I could see him. He smiled and said, “YOu will be fine, I will play some music to help you relax.” Shortly after I hear a soft R&B beat playing with no words and soon I was feeling it inside me.

I felt like I was in a dream, the very person I came to see was the one person who helped me gain the little bit of courage I needed to do what seemed to be so difficult. And as I began to read my poetic contribution to the evening, I acted as if it was just him and I in the room. Keeping eye contact on him, fantasizing about him.

Next thing I hear is clapping, and I saw all these people stand up. What just happened? Oh, I read my poem and apparently the emotions I felt for the gentleman I concentrated on came through in my emotional writing. The crowd LOVED it, and definitely showed it!

I got off the stage, and went to my table. I was basking in the essence of accomplishment and enjoying the self gratification of doing something I had feared for quite some time. I wanted to thank the gentleman but when I glanced at his table all of a sudden I noticed he was gone. And then I hear “And now introducing our guest Darius Cook” it was him!

I sat down, ordered another drink and watched as this man spoke of love, romance, a touch so sensual I could feel it from across the room. My cell phone started ringing, but I put it on silent and kept my attention on what was happening in front of me. His writing spoke of such eroticism, I was wet just listening to him and he made eye contact with me from time to time.

By the time he came to his ending, I needed to change my pants as they were soaked from the drenching wetness between my thighs. Now embarrassed, I was ready to pack it up and leave. So I start to gather my things, and as I was getting up an arm was on my shoulder and said “Kari, that is your name right?” I turned around and it was him again, but he had a beautiful young lady with him and immediately my fantasy turned to a nightmare as I immediately jumped to the conclusion this was his wife or girlfriend.

She was a plus size beautiful black woman, who smelled almost as good as he. He introduced us, “Kari, meet Sharita who is a published writer, song writer and my manager” We shook hands, I replied, “It’s a pleasure to meet you and what are you wearing?” She giggled and said, “Oh you mean perfume lol this is Chanel” and we continued with small talk.

She eventually states, “I am lesbian and my partner will be joining me next week and we would love to have you sit with us at our table.” I quickly accepted the invitation, shook her hand once again to say farewell and she left.

Now it’s just me and the hottie. He asks if I would like another drink and would I mind staying to have some harmless conversation, and how could I say no? I couldn’t.
He asks what I am drinking, I share and we begin with the conversation.

It turns out he is a very wealthy business man, established and respected. He is from New York but has moved to the south for business. He asks what I do… and I felt like a deer caught in the head lights. “WHaT?” I say, with a similar look on my face when they had called my name to speak earlier. “Ummmm, I am a plus size adult entertainer,” I respond reluctantly. His face lights up, “NO KIDDING?” And he chuck;es almost as if he doesn’t believe it, but then reassures me he is just surprised. He couldn’t tell by the way I handled myself that I was involved in such taboo works of art.

I admitted that initially my interest in him was to seek him in being a volunteer for one of my movies. He laughed and said he would love to.

——————–TO BE CONTINUED————————-

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