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April 30, 2017

Squirting has become addicting!

It’s true!  Now that I have figured out how to project my squirt stream I have found some pretty crazy places to squirt!  As seen above, I was at the OBGYN office getting my annual check up and while they left me to “undress” I found one of those huge medical swabs and proceeded to fuck myself until I released my love spray everywhere.   When I say EVERYWHERE, it was on the curtain, the wall, the floor and all over the medical table.  What I didn’t get on video, was the dr asking what all the wetness was from as I didn’t get it all up when I cleaned up.  They came in before I expected and wasn’t quite ready.  Oops!

The situation has gotten out of control to the point that my husband has kicked me out of the house when I get online to webcam stating that he is tired of huge puddles and random squirt stains appearing everywhere in the house.  In the above example, I take my squirting to my minivan which only pissed him off even more!  Neighbors walking by got a glimpse of me spread wide open and spraying the windshield of the van.  
My job wasn’t even safe from my squirt escapades!  While in my office during broad daylight and an office full of people, I got on cams spread my pussy and squirted all over my desk!  Important papers drenched and an assistant who damn near walked in on me spread wide open for the world to see!  As crazy as it sounds, I actually got off on knowing that I could get caught.  I later thanked my husband for forcing me out the house with my adventures because the stakes were getting higher and the adrenaline was amping up!
Where will I squirt next?  YOU decide!
a)  gym
                b)   dressing room
        c)  front yard
         d)  at the park 
Send me YOUR answers by COMMENTING below!! 

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