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March 12, 2018


  1. Sign up for Niteflirt (if you don’t already have an account).  Purchase my Goddess Orientation audio.  Follow up by leaving positive feedback.
  2. Send me a love letter to email fattydomme@gmail.com devoting yourself to me.  Be very descriptive and detailed about what you want to do for me, how you will make me happy.  
  3. Take a selfie holding a fan sign that says “OWNED BY GODDESS KARI” and sent to my email.  Subject line is FAN SIGN FOR GODDESS KARI. If you have my # text it to me, or email fattydomme@gmail.com.
  4. Set your phone alarm to 2:01 pm to be reminded DAILY of the day Goddess was born.  The day that changed your life forever. Take a screenshot and sent to me either text # or email fattydomme@gmail.com.
  5. Create a twitter account with the name:  Slave4Kari if that isn’t available make something similar (like add a #1)  If you already have social media accounts, change those names to the aforementioned Slave4Kari or similar variation.  Tweet me @FattyDomme
  6. Take 10 minutes to sit in a quiet space on the floor, and chant “I live to worship Goddess Kari.  I am committed to make Goddess Kari happy.” Once you are done with the chant, do something special for Goddess Kari.  This is going to require you to be creative and think of something that will please me and make my day.
  7. Everytime your cock gets hard, text me.  Ask BEFORE you touch it. Beg for it. If you touch it without asking and/or receiving my permission, you will be required to go to COCKFESSION.  There is a $50 penalty fee required for every time you touch yourself without permission.
  8. Print your favorite photo of me and you are given permission to masturbate and ejaculate on the photo.  I want you to take a picture of the photo with your cum tribute. Then, you will send tribute for the privilege to masturbate and cum.  
  9. Get on your knees and chant “I submit to Goddess Kari”
  10. Go to BBWMANYVIDS.COM and like and comment on 5 videos.  
  11. Sign up for SkyPrivate.  Create the username KarisSlaveBoy1 (or a variation of)
  12. Purchase at least ONE (1) item from my wishlist:   GODDESS WISHLIST
  13. Make your favorite picture of Goddess your screensaver on your phone and send me a screenshot to email fattydomme@gmail.com
  14. Make a list of 5 things you want to try.  Whether it’s purchasing a butt plug and exploring anal play,  or cross dress training, or any kind of kink that you haven’t done before.  We will go over your list and discuss goals to exploration and fulfillment.
  15. Everytime you purchase something online for yourself, you must go to my  GODDESS WISHLIST and purchase something for Goddess for the same amount or more of your total spending amount.  For example, you order a pair of shoes $69, a video game $42, and a cell phone case $12 = 123. You can either purchase $123 worth of items from my  GODDESS WISHLIST OR send a gift card for the equivalent amount to feedmefatterbbw@gmail.com.
  16. Sign up for my email newsletter by going to

Sign up for a WP username on my site by going to:  PlatinumPuzzy.me (top left hand corner REGISTER)

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