February 28, 2018

Thank you Lethal Lipps

🏵Top of the Am and I wanted to post my #WCW @PLATINUMPUZZY 🌈.. I recently crossed paths with this Exceptional Being at this years AVN awards. YOU never know what god has in store for you .. She persisted in reaching out to me and popping in and out while I was interviewing and being interviewed and showing me support.. Even going as far as to showing me in detail things that I wasn’t optimizing on as an Adult entertainer. PEOPLE see you and go as far as to hate you for just working hard .. assuming that things were simply given to you .. NOT KNOWING YOUR STRUGGLES how many people rely on you in your family not knowing that being a ROCK goes further than being a MOTHER, friends and family that look to you for financial support and shelter .. NO ONE WILL TRULY KNOW your struggles .. ON A DAILY BASIS I PUT OUT And Sex is definitely not what I’m referring to .. The pressure at times is so intense with everyone around you pulling at you from all directions that even my naps have to be scheduled in. I broke down and actually CRIED because without Judgement or questions She is the first person in MY life to give suggestions rather than say y aren’t you doing his or doing that.And came right on time ,, THE TEARS WONT stop falling because it’s such a release and I felt so refreshed and my faith in people isn’t completely gone .. It always takes a complete stranger to be more than a friend..;THIS IS NOT TO TAKE AWAY ANYTHING AT ALL FROM MY 3 people in my life that do what they can with their friendship .. like my child’s godmothers and mother Love.. BUT IT WAS RIGHT ON TIME TY .. #PLATINUMPERSONA @platinumpuzzy I’m always giving and an extremely fair person contrary to what people may believe .. It was so different to receive something that wasn’t followed by an agenda . Xoxoxo

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