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January 12, 2015

The beauty of the ass… a few tips for those who want a smooth booty

I’ve been quite fortunate to have very little butt acne over the years, and with my ass being my primary feature of interest.. that’s a good thing. Of course, there is special care for your ass to insure you don’t have unwanted butt bumps.

 The first thing I do, is pay as much care for my butt cheeks as I do my face.  I even go as far as to use the same items (with separate tools of course) to wash my ass.  Face wash, astringent, and moisturizer are a daily regimen for my back side.  Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Face Wash, and Neutrogena products are my preference.  Also try, Neutrogena Body Clear Scrub for your entire body. 

You can go as far as to use facial masks, exfoliation and other skin care products as well to offer more attention to your booty.  

Avoid swamp crotch or sweat on your ass.  Make sure if you are exercising or sitting out in the heat that you have a towel offering as a barrier between your ass and the seat.  Also, the use of Gold Bond Powder Spray or Fresh Baby Bottoms Lotion work well also to dry any rear end dampness.  You can also spritz any antiperspirant spray on your cheeks for invisible sweat relief. A word to the wise: avoid powders, which can cause uncomfortable clumping.

Many ladies can agree that the best part of a Brazilian bikini wax is the back half. However, we recommend you leave hair removal on your behind to the professionals (just imagine the ER embarrassment if your butt cheeks got waxed shut). Shaving can be a safer option, but beware ill-placed nicks and cuts from the razor, which are more likely to get infected. Removing too much hair from the area can also cause extra butt sweat (see above). All in all, those fine hairs were probably put there for a reason.

As we age, our tush takes a turn for the worst, and even the plumpest butt can start to droop. While squats are the ultimate cure, you can fake a rounder bum with self-tanner. First apply an all-over base coat to hide stretch marks and bruises. Then go back and give the W-shaped crevice under your bum an extra coat. This will give the illusion of a rounder, perkier derriere. Yes, it’s called butt contouring.

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