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January 9, 2015

The PROPER way to reject someone, even a fat girl

It’s no mystery, the effects of rejection. When you get to a confident stage in your life, it has far less of a negative effect on you as before. However, whether dealing with someone strong or sensitive, there IS a way to let someone down easy and without insult.

As of late, I’ve encountered quite a bit of rejection. I suppose it comes from my confidence inspiring me to reach out and respond to things that most people may not have the courage to do with the fear of being rejected. I do so, because I firmly believe that if you never TRY you never know what results you might achieve.

This blog is inspired by an encounter on Fetlife where someone had posted that they were looking for someone “pretty” with a long tongue for a tongue fetish video. I responded thinking of someone else I thought would be perfect for a project like this and made an offer to send photos. BEFORE I got the opportunity to send the photos, he immediately saw I was “larger” and responded in such a way to indicate that he wanted someone “pretty” and “fit.”

I answered very non confrontational and passed it off without getting into a sensitivity match of wits. But, he couldn’t let that go. He felt it necessary to continue insults and make it an all out challenge. Instead of politely declining my offer and moving on, the stabs turned into an all out attack. Of course, many people were offended and responded in my defense.

The outcome was simple, I removed myself from the post and blocked him from contacting me. But this raised a serious topic that I felt needed to be addressed. There IS a way to let someone down GENTLY without being a dick and insulting someone.

Now, I realize that anytime I post something I include this statement, “If you are not interested, please kindly decline. Thank you!”

It’s sad that I even have to REMIND people of what I would think is COMMON SENSE and KNOWLEDGE. Apparently not.

Whether you are female, male or any combination of the two or none at all, have some sense about letting someone down. You can “keep it real” without being a complete asshole and hurting someone’s feelings. No one deserves to be reminded of their OBVIOUS physical differences. Just indicating you aren’t interested is enough for most.

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