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January 17, 2018

The Ultimate Cam Site

If you could have the ultimate cam site, what features would you have?
Here is what I would want:

The ability to share my profile on social media. Auto-posts when I go live.

Better pay percentages.

More payment options including daily pay outs.

NO TOKENS = models and fans use actual DOLLAR amounts or a better way of keeping track of the conversions. (Display 400 tokens = $20)

 The ability to have multiple profiles/personalities. For instance, where you can change the profile from doing normal sexual cam shows, feeding/eating shows, Dominatrix style, Gaming or various other themes that don’t fit into a “normal” sexual expectation show. Basically creates more categories and organizes the models for easier search based on theme, genre or what the customer is looking for.
The ability to promote our sites, social media, etc. Obviously not driving payments away from the customers, but with the ability to promote our brand.
Interactive games, notifications, profile resources. (Chaturbate dominates in this arena for me)

An easy way to deliver high quality photos & videos. (I like the MFC share option)

Snapchat, Kik, Whatsapp access purchase options.

The ability to embed your chat room on your blog or website. (Chaturbate has this option. SM has it if you request it)

Your profile has an affiliate link so anyone who signs up and/or spends money via YOUR profile automatically generates affiliate revenue for the model.

An easy, quick method for adding performers to your profile for working with fellow talent. And a quick & efficient process to approving them.

Paid private messaging feature. Customer has to pay before they can send you a private message.

An accurate an detailed record of member transactions with the ability to make notes.

A simple profile that doesn’t need HTML to add features or photos. Templates available for creatively making yours unique.

 The feature of creating a password protected private chat room. (Chaturbate has this feature and I love it)

Feature that shares the amount of money/tokens each member has.

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