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June 23, 2015

The ultimate squirt experience

If you’ve been following along the cameras at my house  then you have seen the interaction that is occurring between me and a new friend.  If you haven’t, you are missing some hot action!

It’s been a month since we starting hanging out and began in our sexual journey.  Things were off to a normal start with me dodging and not really taking him too serious.  If you KNOW me, you know my attention span is hella short when it comes to men so it’s no surprise that one day they are here and the next they are gone.  But this one is different.

He barely touches me, kisses me and my pussy gushes everywhere!  He is the FIRST person who has made me squirt from licking my pussy!!!  I have never cum so many times, squirted so many times and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate interaction with someone as I do with him!

So the other day, we are having sex as we normally do until this moment came where he touched me, looked at me and was penetrating me in such a way that caused my pussy to project squirt onto him and it came back and showered me in the face and on my chest!  It was soooo fuckin’ hot!

The poor bedding on my bed is soaked on a daily basis to the point that there are puddles in the mattress.  I have been told the plastic mattress protectors are worthless and don’t hold under extreme sexual escapades so no need in wasting my time with that.  Any suggestions??

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