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February 16, 2018

Tips to make the most of EVERYTHING you do!

Here are some things I do while I am working that help me make the most of every effort I make to minimize the amount of work needed while maximizing profit.

  1. Use google voice for incoming phone calls.  Google voice has the ability to record the call so when a caller is calling for phone sex, humiliation & domination or just advice, you can hit the record feature and it’s saved in your voicemail section.  These recordings can be sold as AUDIO files to generate additional income from a service you already provided.

    I like to do this because sometimes I have a really great call and say all the right things.  The likeliness I will remember and be able to recite it again is non existent therefore I like to record them so someone else can enjoy an amazing call.

  2. Detach the audio from your video footage and sell it as an audio file.
  3. Film your cam shows!  Some of the hottest scenes came during a cam show and recording it allowed me the ability to share it and make more money from that 1 cam show.
  4. Shoot photos and videos during slow cam times.  If anything, you can make some money back from the time invested and not let your dolled up glam go to waste.
  5. Save your snapchat stories and upload them to your site or video sites.
  6. Periscope streams usually auto-save to your phone.  Upload those as promotional material on Youtube, and tube sites.
  7. Post the content you take on your phone from random photos to your selfies on your website as bonus material and/or on ONLYFANS account.
  8. Sell panties, stockings, shoes, costumes, lingerie, toys and anything that you have used that either has broken, used in a special video or photo set.

I am sure there are more, so if you have anything you want to add to the list DROP THEM IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELOW

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