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September 26, 2012

Webisode 3 Mimi Melons & Desiree Devine take on South of the Border SOB

While driving back down from NYC, NJ and a few other places we had visited, we needed a little something to break up the drive. What better place to stop in but South of the Border which is right at the most southern part of North Carolina on I-95 as you drive into South Carolina, literally on the border. If you have ever seen this place, then you would know that it’s a huge amusement like tourist area with trinket shops everywhere and the smell of Mexican food around. Can’t forget “Pedro” the mascot which we’ve adopted as our tour husband. 

In this webisode, Desiree Devine and Mimi Melons are playing in the shops with the funny glasses and Mimi’s infamous Mrs. Swan from MAD TV impression. Then these ladies find a huge checker board with tiny chairs and play a quick little game of checkers. 

Always an adventure is our motto! Enjoy!

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