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October 31, 2012

Weekend of amazing, crazy fun w/Celeste Jolie and Desiree Devine

Celeste Jolie and I had been talking for a few weeks about her attending the BBW Strip Off at Little Darlings this past Thursday.  I was eager to meet her and excited to get to know her.  Over the weeks leading to the strip off, we had gotten pretty close and acquired a fancy for each other.

Wednesday came fast, and her flight arrived around 2pm, we were RIGHT on time to get her!  She was as beautiful as ever and had a bright smile that made my heart melt.  I was nervous at first, not sure how my best friend Desiree Devine would get along with her and as the #1 lady in my life right now, it was important to have her approval.

We left the airport, headed to run some errands and get FOOD as Desiree and I hadn’t had any type of substance or food yet.  We dropped of Desi’s car at the alarm place to fix the alarm, and walked over to Five Guys Burgers where I find out Celeste doesn’t eat red meat!  Ahhhh… well lucky for me they have Veggie Burgers and we proceeded to feed our faces!  Yum Yum!

Filled up and ready to roll, we picked up the car and headed to a few more errands before bringing Celeste to our new home.  Already I felt like things were just naturally working out well, and that made me VERY happy.

We hung out, got ready for Stripper Karaoke and headed to the Hustler Club where we sang, drank and enjoyed our evening with our favorite PornStarTweet Pete.  We love him and I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to run BBWGirlTweet.  We wrapped up our evening with our usual stop at BlueBerry Hill with a breakfast of champions and home we went. 

Can I just say that snuggling with Celeste is totally hot and very comforting.  We didn’t have any boom chick-e bow wow but the intimacy was truly better than any sexy fun.  In time, all good things will happen. 

Thursday was a cluster fuck with getting everything ready for the BBW Strip Off and  getting THROUGH the event, I was ready for the whole thing to be OVER!  ~More details to follow soon~


Friday, oh joy we picked up our fan from Canada and headed to lunch with Desiree Devine, Celeste Jolie, Buxom Bella and Kitty Spanxalot at one of our favorite spots Hash House a Go Go.  Turns out they weren’t open, so we headed to Big Dog’s Cafe, another of our local hang outs from time to time.  Great food, and a great place to entertain. 

Following our lunch date, we proceeded to get ready to hit Fremond Experience, which is a local entertainment area with bars, casino’s, street performers and all the downtown Vegas fun you can stand.  GREAT place!  People were dressed for Halloween, there were stage performances with a great Michael Jackson performer that was spot on!  Desiree got super drunk and had a great time – along with all of us.  There ARE photos to prove it!  

Jacob from Plush Night Club and a good friend of ours met up with us along with a bunch of other BBW’s including Buxom Bella, Kitty and others.  We ended up at Gold Digger’s VIP style with bottles and MORE people! Desiree kept disappearing… and kissing all the girls.  For being a “Vagi-phobe” as she claims, you surely couldn’t tell this night!  I had to go behind her and say “She doesn’t really like girls and she won’t call you tomorrow, sorry!!”  LOL  Good times! 

We left Gold Digger’s and headed to Drink and Drag, a local bowling alley/bar that houses our favorite full drag queens.  I was pissed that I got taken for one of my drinks I was holding from Gold Digger’s.  This guy said had me show my id, so I thought he worked there  and told me I couldn’t go in with my drink so he took it and DRANK IT!  I was sooooo pissed!  LOSER! 


We had a blast… and then headed to Peppermill (another local favorite) to sober up and fill our bellies.  Desiree met this stripper from Sapphires, MALE white guy with long hair.  He said he loved BBW’s and won over our table quick, fast and in a hurry.  His friend, however, must’ve dressed up as Massengil for halloween as he was a complete douche.  We closed the night with good byes and went home to get some rest.

Saturday, oh boy!  Buxom Bella and Kitty met up with us at our place, we headed to Sapphires for the male review and when we got there were completely disappointed.  Not at all what we expected and the drinks sucked. We left and migrated to Red Label for Juanita’s BBW CLUB LAS VEGAS Halloween Bash.  We had WAYYYYY more fun and better drinks here.  Got into a little scuffle… but nothing to write home about.  Just ran into Desiree’s Ex (UBER DOUCHE) and his new bitch who felt like she had to show off in front of Desi and taunt her.  BITCH SHE IS 6′ tall and 370+ pounds, wtf is wrong with you? 

We met some cool ladies who had our back in the midst of the scuffle and headed to Blueberry Hill for breakfast with them.  Had great conversation, a great meal and headed home for my alone time with Celeste.  Intimate details surrounding our fun are not available.. because I really care about her SOME things should remain private but it was incredible. 

Sunday came along… we went to Sin City Bounty for the radio interview of Celeste and then headed home. 

Monday, Desiree was sick so Celeste and I headed to shoot with Eliza Allure and then met up with Anna Lynne BBW for Porn star Karaoke.  In this photo is Alura Jenson, Platinum Puzzy, Eliza Allure, Celeste Jolie and Anna Lynne BBW. 

What a fuckin’ week! 

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