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March 10, 2012

Why I chose to get the birdy tattoo..

So Pete Housley of Pornstartweet had been threatening me for over a year that he would pay for the tattoo if I got the little twitter bird tattoo. Anyone who knows me that a dare like this is FAR too easy, so I was down for it way back in January 2011. 4 shows since then, he finally got serious about it at AVN 2012. Needless to say, the video above shows you the start of my tattoo, which I DID finish and now have on my inner right ankle.

So many of you ask WHY? Why the inner ankle? I am going to answer those questions for you now.

Being a part of the naughty tweet ninja family, and running BBWGIRLTweet, it was only natural to show my loyalty with my twitter bird tattoo. I originally wanted to put it by my “kitty” on my FUPA… My idea would be that the “kitty eats the bird” but at the time my then boyfriend objected. I then decided on my ass, but again the objection changed my mind and forced me to choose a new location.

After watching Tara Lynn Foxx get her tattoo, Eden Alexander, Mimi Melons, Sienna Hills and a couple of others, I finally decided to put it in my inner ankle area. It’s discrete, and still viewable. I have an elaborate design for my foot, so this will tie into that tattoo when I finally get it done.

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  • Greg Briggs

    Don't ever let anyone else object to you getting a tattoo where you want it. the Tat may be around longer than they are, which seems to be the case. 🙂

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